How can I find the Vehicle Identification Number?

My car is a 1994 Chrysler Grand Voyager (3.3l gasoline, LE) and I cannot pass my technical revision test because the guys at the Vehicle Registry Authority cannot find my VIN's! Can anyone help me? Anyone have a clue as to where they might be? I have one (at my other car, a SE 3.3 too) on the front window, above the steering wheel, but this one doesn't have it. :((( What can I do?

Please help!!

This deal is bleeding me costs a fortune to move it to and fro on a platform. And besides, the worst thing is not being able to drive it....:(

Any ideas?


Thanks for the prompt answers. I heard about those 2, but I couldn't find the 2nd (door pane). However, my mechanic said there should be somewhere around 5.... I think I'l tear the car tapistry apart tomorrow....Any ideas before I do something THIs stupid? :)

Update 2:

As for the dealer, the authorised service in my city said they didn't know....:P I've already been there and paid a ton of money there too.....:(

Update 3:

Guys, thanks a lot for your input, but really, there are no stickers on this one (as neither there are on the SE one), the only one i've seen on the other (which this one doesn't have) is a metal sort of tag with the VINs on it and the chrysler star on the left. Please remember these are second hand, imported 1994 cars.....any VINs that aren't so easy to lose, tear off, etc? Some that I could actually show to those guys so that I get my new license plates?

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    there is definatly something wrong with this picture if you cant find it ,it should be on the drivers door post or same as your other car on the lower corner of the dash on the drivers side.that car may also have numbers on the body panels as well.your best bet may be to take it to a dealer and they can get the serial number out of the computer,you may have a chop shop vehicle

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    Check the edge of the driver's door for a decal with the number also. The engine emissions tag may have the VIN. The regular VIN location should be visible thru the front windscreen on the left side of the dash.

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    Check on your registration card. Also you might want to check the hatch door around the rim, along with all other doors. There should be some identification on any one of the doors and on or near the engine. I'd take it to a place that may be able to show you where they are like a Chrysler dealer. They will tell you for free.

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    Since your car is 1994 it should have its 17 digit VIN some where around the wind shield (close to the lower driver side corner) if not, Try on the side of the driver door when you open it...

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    There is one on the driver's door, inside where door meets body of car when it closes. There should be a vehicle info sticker there somewheres, and its supposed to have a vin on there too.

  • Anonymous
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    Wow, if the VRA couldn't find it...who knows, but sometimes, they are on the sticker on the driver's side door. Open the door, and on the side where the latch keeps the door closed, there should be a sticker. Check there.

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    Is it not on the title? I would have said door or window too, in our town, if you buy a vehicle out of state you have to take it to the state troopers to have them inspect to make sure it's not a chop job. Might check with them.

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    Try checking by the door jam. Sometimes there is a factory sticker there.

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