how many of u are really able to clean and organize ur house on daily basis?

can any one of u suggest any ideas to keep 2 bedroom apartment always neat & clean with a 7 month old baby

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    That's hard to do! The best thing I've found to work for me when I had young children, was to put things away as soon as I finished using them. While cooking, put ingredients away as I used them, load dishwasher as I went.....

    Around other parts of the house, pick a couple of rooms to take priority on certain days....make a little schedule if you have to. Say on Mondays, you thoroughly clean the bedroom and bathroom. Then on Tuesdays, the living room and other bedroom....something like that.

    Hope that helps somewhat. Focusing on the baby is more fun though. :)

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    Answering from both angels. I was a single mom and now I am married with kids.

    The only thing that has kept me sane is by taking it on right at that moment.

    If your baby has a holding position that calms him/her then use that to your advantage.

    I try to do things immediately or else forget it.

    When cooking I clean as I go leaving very few dishes after dinner.

    When I wake up, I make the be immediately.

    When feeding the baby that is time for both of you to enjoy each other and rest.

    When showering have clothes out prior to taking one.

    Prepare all clothes, meals, etc the night before.

    Have things handy!

    If necessary, keep a to do list available.

    Most of all NEVER PANIC. Frustration is not good for neither you nor the baby.

    If you are anything like I was when my child was young, please do not hand onto unnecessary items. The way to determine if it's necessary if by seeing how long ago you used it and how soon will you need it. If it's six mos or longer unless a treasured item (treasured not wanted) then toss it.

    It's hard but if you're anything like me, you will have something to replace it very soon.

    Good luck.

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    I know what your going through..I have 9yr. old twins and my house has never been the same since they've been born...What I found when mine were little is that nap time is the best time to tidy up. Do the deep cleaning once a week when it is convenient for you and then everyday at nap-time go around pick up toys and spot clean here and there and when the little one goes to bed at night do the same you know supper dishes you didn't have time to do and pick up toys again and a brief spot cleaning any where needed.. But with your baby at that age he/she is probably crawling or will be soon..make sure you vacuum you carpet daily and if you have tile/marble floor mop a couple of times a week..Also while the little ones sleeping spray Lysol on door handles..Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy for guests when they come in ask them to use it!! Trust me it will keep a-lot of those germs out and that is a must with a baby!!

    Enjoy your little one and Congrats!!

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    here y'a go. hope it helps

    Get the other adults in the home to clean up after themselves. With a 7 month old, housekeeping can suffer, but quailty time with your baby is vital. Use disposable items if budget allows. Put everything back immediately. Set a schedule for daily, weekly, etc. These two websites are a start.

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    I think the answer of putting things away as you go is right on.

    When you're finished with a blanket, fold it and put it away.

    Clean the kitchen after you eat dinner.

    And just get yourself in the groove of doing as you go.

    One thing that may help you tremendously is having adequate storage in your living area for the babie's things. Pretty baskets and drawers in your furniture can be used to "hide" those small things that tend to cluster up your area. Also, pick out one corner of the room you're in most of the day to be the corner for the child's things. That way they're not all over the place and you feel a little more organized.

    Good luck!

    And congratulations on your new baby!!

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    My wife and I are lucky to have time to clean on a weekly basis never mind daily, and we have no kids.

    Trying to do that with a 7 month old.

    Never happen. Just try to make sure it is clean for health reaasons, bathroom kitchen etc.

    If things are messy, like because of toys and things are hanging around, let it be. There are more importnat things to worry about.

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    The best thing I Found to do is, clean while she is asleep or busy( Play pen, swing,etc.)And always focus and finish one room at a time! Example:While she is taking her morning nap, clean the kitchen from breakfast and don't stop till it's done! Don't bounce room to room!

    P.S Strictly enforce a "call before you come" policy.

    Source(s): mommy of two : )
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    I have a heck of time keeping things organized. I can keep it clean, but I never know where to put things.

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    I do if I don't with my kids I wont be able to do it in a week

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