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My parents aren't behind me for going to college. Is it still doable?

I'm 18, and the reason i'm not in college already is that i went to Teen Mania's Honor Academy for about six weeks. I hated it. I felt like i was beign brainwashed, and i prayed about it long and hard, and then i left. It's non refundable, so i probably lost about $1000 of my parents money. Now they don't approve of the college i want to go to (it's $8000 a year) and they won't help at all. They say how do we know that you're not going to waste our money again? I was homeschooled, but my ACT score was 29. I want to go this upcoming semester, which means i have to work fast. I'll get students loans this semester, and any grants i can through the FAFSA. But this involves moving, getting a car, getting a computer, and some furniture. Is this still doable?

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    Yes it is, but it may take longer than 4 or 5 years. There is no law that says you have to have a college degree in 4 years.

    You may have to work through college, and just be able to go part-time. Either way, it's worth it in the long run. Whether you get a college degree at 22, 27, 34, or 45, at least you've got one.

    Go for it !

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    First of all, a car is not necessary. Everything that you need is going to be on campus. I myself go to Northern Illinois University, and don't have a car. Carpooling always works, because once you are good friends with the people on your floor, you'll find that, sooner or later, everyone needs to go to Wal-Mart.

    A computer is not a necessity, but it is still nice. You can find a computer for under $400 that is still a good computer. If it is a large university, however, there will probably be computer labs all over campus.

    In terms of moving, take everything you think you'll need and ask someone to drive you to college. My neighbor quite literally brought clothes, a coat, pencil and pens, notebooks, an alarm clock, a sleeping bag, and her computer, and everything else is usually provided by the University. Again, check in to all of this first. Your best bet is to live in the dorms.

    For tuition, look for a lot of Grants. These are loans that do not need to be payed back. An example is the Pell Grant. Another option is to look for an ROTC program. My girlfirend is doing a two year program and is not required to jointhe army, but she gets her tuition and housing paid for. If you go for four years, you may be required to join the army, butall four years of college can be paid for.

    It can be done. It will just take a lot more work than you may be accustomed to. My parents bot paid for college on their own, by working, loans, and scholarships.

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    wow... u really should have prepared long before.. got a job and saved your own money.. it understandable why your parents say no... I personally suggest try getting a job in the field in which you want to go...

    You cant just go to college just because and have no plan in mind...

    Wait a year at least, again get a job in your chosen career field, that way you wont end up wasting your own money.

    Stay at home if its rent free ( if you tell them your saving for college they proabbly will allow it) Save up money, that way you will be able to either have smaller student loans or at least get your self a car, and such.

    Dont go this year. You are not prepared. Live in the real world for a bit, no offense but if your going straight from home school to college life on your own it will be a major switch and you probably will come running back to mom and dad.

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    Go to college. It will be well worth it in the long run. Apply for grants and student loans. Try first to get a grant and if you can make it with just the grants avoid the student loans. Go for it . Be the best you can be. Don't quit because you get tired of school . If you start - finish.

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    Well it is true that you wasted some of you're parent's money, you admitted that yourself. Why don't you apply for you college of choice for the Fall of 2007, and do a semester of college at a nearby community college. That way you'll have less bills to think about at the moment, and you can prove to your parents that you're serious about it.

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