Can I get all the letter combos for M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I?

There are about 34000 different ways. I just need a site or something to give me them. it will boost my grade so much and I can show up my math teacher because he gave me the challenge to write them all down. he just never said how i can get them

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    This is where it helps to know how to program..

    I've put the list up for you here:

  • Wal C
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    Total number of different permutations of the letters

    = 11!/(4!*4!*2!)

    = 34650

    Good luck!!!

    I would start in alphabetical order and just keep the arranging process logical

    Start with

    I I I I M P P S S S S

    I I I I M P S P S S S

    I I I I M P S S P S S

    I I I I M P S S S P S

    I I I I M P S S S S P

    I I I I M S P P S S S

    I I I I M S P S P S S

    I I I I M S P S S P S

    I I I I M S P S S S P



    Wooohoooooooooooo Stephen M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Have you put some thought into this?

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