Where is the safest place in Asia (to visit)?


Explain why.

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    I'm not certain of it, but I think it is Japan. It has long been considered one of the safest countries in the world, probably because of the very regimented culture. Though crime is on the rise, the rate is low compared to many western countries.

    When I travelled to Japan a few years ago, I had no problem going places alone, including walking down a dark side street. Of course, you should use common sense judgement, but I never once felt threatened there.

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    I would like to say Malaysia and Singapore. I now live in Russia, just from my experience, these two countries are have the best to offer in Asia. Singapore is a shopping heaven, and it has Sentosa Island, an island which is a theme park, with all the rides, underwater trip, live sea animal shows to offer, plus it is a shopping heaven (only in certain months, around june or july if I'm not mistaken). People there are cultured, well mannered, well versed and you'll feel like home. I was born in Malaysia, so I identify to it the best. A few cities you might want to visit include Penang, for the leaning Buddha tower, Fraser's Hill, with its cable car ride, and beaches stretching for miles to end. KL, the capital, is busy with people of all walks of life, it's a mix of different cultures, but the traffic may be a bit too much. Visit The Petronas Twin Tower, a manmade wonder, which is the tallest building in the world. Plus there are a lot of activites going around the the town all year around. Kuching (my hometown) is known as the city of Hornbill, take a taxi ride to the Semenggoh Orang Utan reserves, interact with the Orang Utan, then take a stroll along River side, which is along the Sarawak River Bank, stretching a few kilometres long. You can find all sorts of ornaments and souvenirs of the ancient Dayak people (a race which used to headhunt up to the last century), and in early July you get to visit one of the most happening events in the world- the World Rainforest Festival. Then take a flight to Mulu, to visit the biggest network of caverns in the world- the Mulu caves, which can fit in up to 30 Boeing 747 at one time. Sabah also has much to offer, Pulau Sipadan used to be a diving heaven, for all scuba divers (I don't know about it now, because I just read reports it suffered great contamination), Mount Kinabalu the tallest peak in South East Asia, Kota Kinabalu is a city amidst the sea. You'll get access to 3 different island within half an hour, all to die for with it's undettered natural beauty and picturesque sceneries. I wish that helped. Email me if you want to find out more.

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    In terms of street crimes, the safest probably is Japan or Singapore. They have a strict implementation of their laws and an efficient police.

    In terms of terrorism, China is safe. Any country right now that supports American and British interest is a probable target for terrorists.

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    the Maldives

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