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Where can i find "Lind Wyrm" in FFXII. I have searched the WHOLE Tchita Uplands (no rain season)?

Any secrets behind finding "Lind Wyrm". I have killed almost every monster in the Tchita Uplands (no rain season). But its not there... I have accepted the mission from the Client in Old Archades also... so any ideas...

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    According to a Mark FAQ:

    "Someone made an error translating it as it is certainly not found in the highlands part of the map and if you look at it a different way it is also the lowest part. Anyway Tchita Uplands must be cloudy for Lyndwyrm to be there. You have to exit out of Tchita completly to change the weather either by exiting in and out from Phon Coast/Cerobi Steppes or teleporting."

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