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I read that cold water makes you fat. What do you know about it?

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    No. Actually drinking ice cold water burns a smidgen more calories because your body has to warm it.

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    Cold Water makes a person fat??

    I drink water! 140 oz COLD/ ALMOST FROZEN per day I LOST WEIGHT!!!!!

    The colder it is the harder your body metabolizes it to the burn process!

    Check your ph levels, and make sure you don't drink tap water. Chlorine and Fluoride can lead to problems!

    Think about it for just a minute.

    1) What is the problem?

    2) What’s your diet? ??????

    3) What is your body's PH level?

    4) Are you over/underweight?

    5) Do you smoke/drugs/drink?

    6) Is (______) the problem or the reaction to different problem?

    7) Have you ever heard of Candida?

    8) Do you want to change your life forever?

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    Doctors don't want you cured!!! (THEY WOULD BE UNEMPLOYED!)

    Drug companies want your money!!!!!

    If you were the CEO of a drug company would you want cures or just treatments (band aids)?

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    How in the world could cold water (or hot water for that matter) possibly make you fat?

    The only way you can get fat is to consume (eat) more calories than you burn.

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    Yes , I heard that as well . It's simple. the cold water makes the fat harder and causes it to be harder for the intestines to get rid of.,it( the fat and fat cells) sticks to the wall of the intestines therefore making you fat. Make sense? It does to me.So doctors think that warm water or water at room temperature is better for you.

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    whoever you heard that from is an idiot cold water cools your body down and it burns calories warming it up.. thus... cold water makes you burns cals.. so how can it make you fat?...water has no calories what's to gain besides the weight the water puts on you...which isnt really fat pounds or pounds that will stay

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    In Germany they believe that cold things slow your metablolism. That's probably where you got that from. Water can't make you fat; it doesn't have fat or calories.

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    No, water has no calories and no nutritive value..

    Cold water actually causes the body to burn calories

    to warm it up to body temperature...

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    How can water make you fat?

  • Are you serious? I have 4-5 glasses of ice water a day and I'm 5'5" and 110 pounds. I'm considered vert thin.

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    I've never heard that before. Off to google it...........


    Okay I found that SWIMMING in cold water affects you, not the drinking of it--which is what we all assumed you meant. See link below.

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