snow days for skool?

does anyone know any god advice to get a snowday

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    idk i asked that question too. umm your supposed to sleep with your pajamas inside out and backwards...and tape a penny of the year you were born (1993 for me) to your bedroom window...and your supposed to cut out a snowflake and color it blue and tape that to your window as well but i'm not sure about anything else! good luck and i hope we both have a snow day tomorrow!

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    ummm, check the weather forecast and see if it's going to snow. You need snow for the snow day...however....

    We've had a few strange reasons to not have school...

    the best one was a "cold day" got so cold they didn't think it was healthy for kids to stand and wait for the buses, so they just cancelled school. Another time we had a tornado hit down on a friday (i got stranded at the rink i skate at...not so fun)...and the following monday they were using the high school as a that was a "post-tornado" day, thing is...U live on Cape Cod (Massachusetts), we don't really get

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    pray for snow

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