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lose weight?

can you lose weight from taking m5 the creatine?

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    maybe not.................

    it depends

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    1 decade ago

    nope.. just deal with reality and do it right and watch others envy you.. but you must be tough...

    and you'll feel better.. look better and probably outlive your friends.. IF you want that.

    this should look real familiar.

    does the guilt set in? remember those trips your folks or whoever ... when they went "oh great kill yourself i don't care... don't eat your veggies... see if i care!, you've ruined everything!"

    this is the current food pyramid and this site also gives you information.. and options for your to create your own food pyramid to your life style.

    this is the ONLY diet where you can use it for all eternity...

    you won't starve your body.. the weight loss is gradual and it's simple... and common sense.. no frills.. no flattery.. no gimmicks no one is going to go "WOW YOU LOST ! BILLION POUNDS IN 20 PICA SECONDS" but you'll lose the weight.. keep it off.. look better.. feel better...

    and remember.. moderation on the fun foods... crap foods.. and hydrate.. remember to hydrate and keep that fiber a rolling so you keep regular.. don't get an impacted colon that also puts on serious weight.

    and walk those stairs... ride that bike....

    and blah blah.. you've heard it all before.

    but this is the diet.. the big one.. the kahoona that you have been told about since god blasted the earth's crust and turned amoebas into elvis impersonators...

    it works... it's not fast.. but it works.... do it right and you can lose up to 10 lbs a month... don't do more than that.. you'll hurt yourself or put the weight back on.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Creatine isn't made for losing weight as much as it is expanding oxygen and energy when you work out. If you work out and take it, then yes you should lose weight assuming you eat less calories than you burn (which will cause weight loss regardless of taking anything).

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