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ideas for dog games - how to stimulate my dog who is very head strong?

I have an english bull terrier. She is very stubborn and won't easily obey commands. She has no interest in chasing a ball or fetching.

I want some backyard or home ideas of things to do with her that will burn off some energy and or give her something to do, so she is not bored.

(I walk her every day. can't let her off the lead in public as she isn't obedient)

We used to play rough with her, she would jump in the air and try and sort of play bite your arms etc, but we don't do that anymore, as she bit a few times

we used to play with a soccer ball with her and try and get it off her, but our trainer told us not to play games where SHE is in control, because we are teaching her that she is the boss. ie we can't let her win.

this makes it difficult. what do you think?

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    If you decide to play tug of war games with her it sounds like you need to win all the time. This will let her know that you are the alpha 'dog' or master.

    This website seems quite good - full of ideas for things that you could do with your dog. With links to other pages & more suggestions.

    Here are some other sites to try too:

    Hope that this helps

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    You mention having a dog trainer, but it doesn't sound as if the dog has been trained (or at least not well trained). The absolute best thing you can do for any dog (and for your long-term enjoyment of the dog) is to take it to a training class! (Works much better than trying to do it yourself unless you have a good knowledge of dog training.) I've trained 4 dogs (in classes), and by far the easiest, most successful, and fun training was clicker training. Training also improves the bond between dog and owner. Chances are, your dog will be more willing to play when she knows what's expected of her, and you hold her to it. You can train a dog to chase or catch a Frisbee, and you can also get her to fetch, if you give her a little reward each time she brings the ball to you. (SMALL reward--like the size of a pea.) My favorite game to get my dog tired is throwing a ball down the basement steps--she runs down after it, then runs back up, gives it to me, and gets a tiny little piece of food as a reward. Don't overdo it, though--10 to 20 minutes is plenty. Good luck.

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    Yes, they are high-quality for powerful puppies! A Halti or Gentle Leader will supply you whole manage with out choking or hurting your puppy. They particularly are first-rate. I swear through them. Most new Haltis will include a Connector thingy-- it is just a bit piece of nylon leash stuff with a clip that fastens the Halti in your puppy's constant collar. If you should not have one, you will have to be in a position to get one from a good puppy save, or simply use the tip of an historical small leash. Bear in brain that with a brief-snooted puppy like a Pit Bull, it is handy for the Halti to slide off. Make definite it suits really near across the head. In my revel in, there particularly don't seem to be any hazards to utilising a head collar. With an inveterate puller, you could uncover that the Halti creates a mark at the snoot in which your puppy traces in opposition to it. If your puppy does not pull, this would possibly not occur, however you'll be able to get padded ones, or, as I've performed, stitch a work of fleece onto it to make it tender. Never use a Halti or Gentle Leader with an extended or extendable lead (honestly, should you use lengthy or extendable leads, simplest use them with a frame harness to be trustworthy)! If your puppy will have to occur to take off at a run and achieve the tip of the lead, the snap would rationale a whiplash-like harm to the neck. Other than that, it is the satisfactory, most secure, kindest strategy to maintain a corporation preserve on a powerful puppy, I feel.

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