How should I get the girl?

What should I do about this girl?

Ok here's what happened, i went to a party friday night and me and my friends were just acting stupid and making things up about ourselves like fake names, and i was just looking for a girl to hook up with, but then we went up to these girls room and i started talking to this girl who was just there watching tv, and i realized i really liked her, but i had already lied to her alot like what dorm i lived in and where i was from and other things, cuz i wasnt expecting to find a girl i really liked, and she didn't hook up with me, she just like fell asleep on me with my arm around her, well i can't stop thinking about her and i've got her number, but how am i gonna come out of this

i have to call her also because my friend left his jacket in her room

Ok so up there is what happened a few weeks ago

So I called her once to get the jacket back last Sunday night (a little more than a week later)....


and she was said she was going to be busy most of the week so I should call her this weekendbut thats basically how the conversation went since I still wasn't sure what to say, and I was to pusy to say anything else, well at 11 pm on Sunday night I hadn't caled her ( a few hours ago), so she finally calls me and is like the jackets in some kids room because it would be easier for me cuz its in the dorm i live in(the fake dorm I live in, which I can't get in since I dont live there) and she gave me his number so I can call him and get it I think she likes me but also this time I didn't even say anything to her except like ok so now I don't even have an excuse to call her..and I think she liked me before like when I called she was really happy but then I didn't talk about anything that time or this time so Im really messing this up but I'm still wondering if anybody has advice on what to do

Update 2:

also shes kind of a shy and studious girl if this changes anything

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    ring her up say "i have a confession" can i see you! nothing else if she is interlectual this will intregue her... meet for coffee...

    tell her you were being an **** at the party as a stupiddare and gave fame dorms etc out... then you saw her... really wanted to get to know her havent had a chance now the jacket idea is out the window...

    beg her forgiveness for being a total prat... buy her the coffee

    but first find out what she is studying her classes and by her something appropriate to her study as a thank you for helping you with the jacket... ie a refrence book cd or somthing...

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    Wow, well I hope you learned a lesson but i feel bad 4 u. U did not screw this up though. Girls boys easily a lot of the time. Just if u want to call her don't be afraid, she will LOVE it. Girls love to feel wanted so make her feel like shes the only thing in the world that matters. And make sure you apologize for lying to her. I'm sure she will forgive you though.

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    tell her the truth...yea she mught be mad but there is nothin girls like more than honesty. If you really like her become bf/gf and go out to the movies, mall etc. (that is...if she will go out with u for lying be4) I hope she understands...but while you tell her the truth...Add in some nice comments about her or what u did before that u wont do if ur with her! If this doesnt help email me at

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    Be honest - explain what you were doing but that you were surprised to find someone you liked so much. You sound like you weren't too much of a jerk- letting her just fall asleep. If you don't spill all now itll be too late.

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    go tell her the truth now and tell her you like her. Don't let things get any worse.

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    tell the truth or say you were drunk

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