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My Dog seems to be coughing to a point where she is almost gagging, but does not vomit?

She seems to be eating and drinking normally, but I am a little concernerd. She eats only dry dog food. Would mixing in some meaty (wet) dog food help?

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    one of my dogs (an old, old toy poodle) did this for a long time. when we asked the vet, he just said it was a habit that some dogs can get into when they get nervous or excited and that it really isnt a problem.

    one of our other dogs did the same thing (a rott mix) and it turned out to be heart failure from heartworms. thank god he survived.

    there are so many different things that could be going on, that you really probably ought to at least call your vet.

    hopefully, shes just excited to see you!

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    Mine does this sometimes. If she's been doing this just today, don't worry about. She'll eat some grass and throw up later.

    My doggie does this when he has a hairball or has swallowed too much stuffing while destroying a plush toy.

    If this is a constant thing, though, you should probably take her to the vet.

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    It probably has Kennel Cough, so go see a vet soon and get medicine. My dog did the same stuff when he had it.

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    Sounds like a trip to your vet is in order. Good Luck.

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    your dog may need a heart-worm test, or a x-ray to see if there is any thing wrong with the lungs, you need to get it to the vet ASAP

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