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After reading this. Do you think I should do Jury Duty? Why Or Why Not? I don't think I could be impartial

I grew up hearing cops talk (and sometimes laugh) about planting evidence or lying under oath in court. A couple of times, waiting for my mom to get off work. Hearing judges and prosecutors rehearsing a witness. The judge saying "no, you can't say that like that in my court room. You have to say..."

An MP who wanted to get a guy shipped back to CONUS so he could sleep with the guys wife, showed me how he manipulated the results of a breathalyzer test to get the guy busted for DWI.

I didn't realize the implications of what I was being asked to do at the time. But the MI unit my wife was assigned to asked me to perform tasks that resulted in a civilian having in their possession something that would suggest they were guilty of a crime.

The governor of the state of illinois felt the judicial system so flawed. He commuted the entire death row to life sentences.

Google Frank Lee Smith and read that. I don't think I could convict anyone. I wouldn't believe the evidence.

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    If called to jury duty, mention all this during voir dire and let the court decide what to do about it.

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    I understand how you feel you might be impartial due to things you've learned from others; however, as a citizen, you still should be able to be impartial basing it upon the evidence and information given at the trial. Regardless to what you have been exposed to about some of the judicial process, it doesn't mean it will/can happen with every case. However, if you still have it embedded in your mind that you would not believe the evidence presented, you should, as the guy said, bring this up when they ask if anyone feels he or she cannot be an impartial jurist for this trial.

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    once you're actual knowledgeable about the problem...drugs, hospitals, alcohol, in spite of, they received't take you. they're searching for a sparkling slate so that you're going to guage depending on the records they present day, no longer what you comprehend. If the demise penalty is a threat you are able to continually state you stand for both severe...carry them severe, or state that you're completely adverse to the demise penalty and ought to under no circumstances convict each person if that's an selection. So, that's no longer inevitably what your reading on the day you've jury accountability, (yet that's an theory i am going to keep in concepts.), notwithstanding the way you answer the questions presented to you for the period of jury selection. i'm getting observed as for jury accountability each of the time. If that's not county, that's federal. many years in the past in the previous I wised up, i replaced into hauled in and stuck in a jury for a drug killing. definite, a drug broking service shoot out on the border. regrettably, they both needed eliminating...the dude that took a bullet and the single which fired it. both households were interior the courtroom and they knew who the individuals of the jury were...a foul, no win situation. in certain situations you basically ought to steer sparkling of jury accountability on your human being own safe practices. I were given fortunate considering that a mistrial replaced into observed as in the course of the early area of the trial because of 9/11. Even awful events have silver linings for some human beings.

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    If you don't think you could be impartial, that is your answer right there.

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