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Is it baby fat if.................?

I am 12 years old and i have a three roll jelly belly?

i feel like it is getting bigger as i get older!!!

when i stand up straight and put my stomach out i can't see my feet when i look down!!

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    Yea, kind of. But its also fat when you eat a little too much. Try eating healthier foods like i kno i hate fruits and i only like few veggies. But try omelets and carrots and ranch. And if you like more fruits and veggies try um. And the pounds should come off and you'll see an amazing diffrence. I know because i lost a lot of weight during the summer like 15 pounds. Also try some exercises that are fun like biking dancing and also do some oblique twists to tighten your stomach up. And even if you lose weight its also really healthy to exercise.good luck and hope you can shed thr extra weight, or better yet get healthier.

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    The best thing you can do if your not comfortable with this is to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, exercise and stay away from junk food. If you have a bad diet you will only get bigger as you get older

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    That is more than baby fat. If you are self concious about your size you should ask your dr. or school dietician for a recommended diet. You shouldnt let it get you down though as some boys will find bigger girls even more attractive than the skinny ones!

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    At this point, it may be making the transition from baby fat to permanent.

    Sugar and White Flour are two things that are easy to cut back on that will do a lot of good.

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  • Stimpy
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    1 decade ago

    Time to hit the treadmill! Ask your doctor to suggest a diet and exercise program appropriate for your age group. You're still growing, so you need certain types of nutrition. Your doctor can advise you best and monitor your progress. Good luck.

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    It's not baby fat! Quit eating all the junk and drinking all the soda, eat salad and fruit and get outside and run and play and you will be alright!

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    That is fat you need to work on. Eat healthier and start exercising. Remember that exercising can be fun~GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND GET ON YOUR BICYCLE!!!

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    don't freak out.

    just start working it out a little bit. eat healthy food and walk whenever you can. you're only 12, don't worry about your figure.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You will grow into your body, just don't go crazy with deserts

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    its fat fat

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