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why do china people eat raw fish.And serve it to americans for.But people like to eat it i do to.?

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    Fuel can be expensive and takes labor to find and use. Serving raw fish was fast and required no heat. The Wok was designed to use a small amount of fuel and cook quickly to preserve resources.

    And yes, I love sushi and sashimi!

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    It's the Japanese and the Koreans who eat raw fish, not the Chinese. You do see fish tanks in Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong though with the fish swimming around. Diners would normally pick out their fish and the chef would take it into the kitchen to cook straight away. This is so that the fish stays fresh for as long as possible.

    Why do they serve it to Americans? Not quite sure what you are trying to get at, but surely they would only serve it if it was ordered, American or not??

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    Raw fish is mostly a Japanese/ Korean custom.

    They usually don't serve it to guests unless they know you like it.

    Its expensive because you can only use the freshest fish to make it.

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    I think its the Japanese people who likes raw fish. Chinese wants fish to swim in a pond of cooking oil.

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    I think you been to too many Chinese Restaurants Lisa. Raw fish is Japaneses not Chinese.

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    i don't think it is only served to americans. think it's served to alot of other tourists too. adnyways of you don't order it you won't get served it.

    it's good cause it's prepared properly.

    I think you had answer your own question. :P

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    im not sure if chinese people do eat raw fish. sushi and sushimi are japanese dishes.

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