Does the word BRIDGE mean the same as he word VIADUCT?

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    1 decade ago
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    Basically the same thing.

    A bridge connects two points on the same level with a gap between.

    A fallen tree can be a bridge.

    Understanding can bridge the gap between nations, etc

    Viaduct is Latin and simply means ‘lead a way’.

    Mostly it is a structure over which a street passes. (Might also be a bridge)

    Aqueduct is the equivalent for water (aqua is water in Latin)

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    They have some similarities, but a bridge is generally a structure that people, animals, or vehicles travel on top of to go across some valley or body of water. A viaduct can also cross a low spot in the earth, but is used to carry liquids across in a tube ("duct"). The word "viaduct" literally means "by tube". To complicate matters, some ancient Roman aqueducts ("water tubes") had the tube for water underneath, and the bridge for people on top of that. Confused?

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    A viaduct is a type of bridge. Specifically viaducts are suspended, connect to points of similar hieght (usually large valleys or bodies of water), and have a series of short spans and arches.

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    1 decade ago

    I think a viaduct is typically a bridge that passes over another road. Such as an interstate over another road.

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