My 14 yr. old grand-daughter is suffering from a virus, she has diarrea and headaches, what can I give her?

She has had diarrea and headaches, she feels light headed. I have been giving her chicken noodle soup crackers, and Gator Aide. She does not have a fever.

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    Why not ask an actual professional doctor? If it's something that you're not sure what to do, go to someone who will know the answers. People here can only give you advise, but I wouldn't go for what they say. What can you give her? Well, whatever the doctor would say.

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    Be careful she doesn't dehydrate. Stop all mild products since they will cause diarrhea. MAKE sure she drinks plenty of fluids. You can most likely still give her a child's remedy called pediolite(sp) Remember if she is ill for more then a few days with the runs call a doctor or take her to clinic.

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    You can give her any over the counter medication you want but since you said 'virus' there isn't anything that will 'cure' her.

    In fact most OTC remedies actually slow down recovery from virus's etc. IMHO a big price to pay for a little added comfort.

    Make her comfortable and give her plenty of water, then wait it out.

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    are you sure she has a virus? if not, take her to the doctor b/c if its not a virus, the doctor can give her a antibiotic. if its a virus it just has to run its course. tylenol is good for the headahhes just keep doing it every four hours. as far as the diarrhea i'd call the pharmacist.

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    G luck.

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