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What is it with the Flyers (part 2)?

Flyers fans, does Clarkies return say loud and clear that it doesn't matter who the GM or coach is? Maybe they should be referred to as the Boomerangs. Or Dependents. Why can't they see that recycling the personel is going to bring the same results? I'm going to wait til Ed "I Love The 70's" Snider retires to California before I ever get my hopes up for the Orange & Black. I, as a fan, have suffered long enough. If the Habs couldn't show them what was to come in 1976, and 32 years of coming up short hasn't clued them in on how to win, then they are truly hopeless.

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    Clarke returning to the fold with a higher degree of power is the worst possible sign for this franchise. The product on the ice in Philadelphia right now (which is the worst team in the Eastern Conference) was built by Bob Clarke.

    This rehiring confirms what I've said about the Flyers in the past. This team, under Ed Snider, is Amish to a fault. They rarely bring in people from the outside for very long, and when they do (Neilson, Hitchcock) they sabotage them with a lousy roster.

    The senior vice president, GM, head coach, assistant coach, head of pro scouting and the head coach of their AHL affiliate are all former Flyer players who've been in the building forever and a day. If you don't get a fresh perspective every once in a while, you set yourself up for what you see from the Flyers as a hockey team right now. No amount of optimism corrects your position in the standings. Only insight into the game does that, and this team doesn't have that in every position that counts.

    I was a long time fan who jumped ship after one too many ticket hikes after first-round exits. The Flyers have fallen so far they can't even look to a BERTH in the first round this year. Given their past success, that's an absolute disgrace.

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    Hey I would just like to point out that I though the Flyers would miss the playoff this year in my preseason predictions and I got so many rate downs it wasn't funny.

    The Flyers now need fairly drastic restructuring. It will be at least 2-3 year before they can make a legitimate sniff at the playoff. They need to work on getting better defense: the highest GGA is the Ds fault, not the goalies (at least not entirely)

    That being said ... they are only 10 points out of 3rd place in the Easter Confence. The Atlantic Division frankly sucks this year. With the screwed up scheduleing they are doing now it is anyones guess who will win that crown this year.

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    well they haven't really build up on there system, they drafted players only to trade them to other teams for veteran players, which is good in a way when you are a serious contender but to keep building on past glory will never help. Once they get someone with a brain that knows that you need to build a team from the junior, farm to the NHL and not just let go of a rookie because you have that chance to sign some veteran player for $3 million for one year, when that young prospect of yours could be a 80 to 100 pts scorer in the future but the Flyers will never get that chance cause they let him go.

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Flyers are in deep trouble. Get rid of Clarke and all useless big contract players and start from scratch

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    It's gonna be a LONG winter...

    $10 says Forsberg goes at the trade deadline, maybe even Gagne.

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