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opinion on abortion? (see details)?

For or against abortion? (my personal opinion is against)

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    I'm not for abortion, but I am for the womans right to choose. I hate when people automatically assume the reason a woman wants and abortion is because she was a whore, got herself pregnant and now she wants the easy way out. It's not always like that. Some women don't have any other choice. People will never ever know why soemone does what they do until thay are in their shoes. Don't judge people until you know the whole story. It's hard on a woman when she ends up pregnant (and you can't call her a whore unless you're going to call the whole male species a 'whore'), and the dad wants nothing to do with her or the baby. The woman would have to buy everything for the baby, go through nine months of hell, go through labor (which is very dangerous at times), go through all sorts of pain, raise this child with no father, and be the only one to provide for it. How is that fair?? Why should she be the one to suffer when it takes two to tango? I think she should have the right to do what she wants.

    If men were able to get pregnant, they would have more abortions than women, because it's easier for them to emotionally detatch themselves.

    I also think that men should have no say on this topic. It should be for women and women only. Because men will never fully understand a where a woman comes from.

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    I'm Pro-Choice. I'm not against abortion because in some circumstances, it is the right thing to do. There are many reasons this could be. The mother could have medical problems that would prevent a healthy baby; the baby could be seriously deformed and wouldn't live anyway; there could be many medical reasons to abort. It could also be that someone was raped or even had consentual sex and it would be better for the parties involved that there be no child.

    I am against multiple abortions. If you mess up once and get pregnant too early in life or the ever popular "accident" happens, you should be able to fix it once. I don't believe abortion should be a way of birth control. I've met many women who've had multiple abortions just because they couldn't keep their legs shut. I also don't believe that the "morning after" pill should be available over the counter. It is again, a replacement for birth control. It makes it too easy to have a lot more sex with a lot less worry, and that's not the message we need to be sending to our young people.

    I think every woman should have the right to choose. It should be a choice that both parties involved should make, though the woman usually has the last word. It is her body that would have to carry the baby, after all. It would be nice if people were just responsible enough to use birth control in all its many forms (ie, use a condom AND the pill) instead of taking the chance of creating an unwanted innocent life.

    I think it is great to have the option available, but I would rather there be no need for it.

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    I'm for abortion, for many reasons. If the person doesn't want the baby then there is no sense in having it. There are too many children without parents already. Or worse the person will end up resenting the baby and will be a bad parent. Also I don't believe having an abortion is killing a person. It's a fetus.

    Also I am for it, especially for those who have been raped. I think those women should have the option to terminate their pregnancy especially if it started from something so painful. i'm not saying anyone has to agree with me but the one thing I truly believe is that it should always be an option no matter where you go. Because there are always different circumstances, especially when it comes to rape. i can't imagine being raped then getting pregnant and being forced to have a child from an event so painful.

    Or better yet getting pregnant knowing that I won't be able to give the child a good life b/c I didn't have the money.

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    OK, both above are against as well as is poster. Are any of you willing to take on and financially and emotionally care for a child that it's mother does not want? That has been neglected and abused etc because it was not wanted?? How about raising your taxes?? Just a tax to pay for children born because the mother could not have an abortion and did not want the child at all. My guess is your answers are no to both questions. Meantime abortion should be a personal choice and in case you didn't know historically abortion was a very common and accepted method of birth control in most of the world. I'm not sure when it became so taboo.

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    I'm pro choice. I really don't see the reason why anyone should keep a baby they do not want. Seriously, what is the point of supposedly saving a life if that baby will grow up in a home where it's not wanted.

    I'm surprised there are people that can't think outside of their comfort zone. People that think that life is peachy when there are real hardships out there. There are women out there that are young, living in poverty, may spread a disease to the baby (ie HIV), got raped etc. that should have the option of abortion. Not everyone out there wants children, can afford children, or can care for children.

    Yes, in a perfect world it would be nice if only people that are married, who want children and are well off have sex and have kids but that's just not the world we live in.

    Also, let's say we do outlaw abortion, do you think that will stop women from going to back alley doctors that will do a botched abortion or stop them from harming themselves to have a miscarriage??? I don't think its "pro life" to push these desperate women to risk their lives like that..

    All these Pro Life people need a reality check. They need to take your head out of those bibles and take a look and see the world around them.

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    I am very against abortion. I learned in parenting that you will regret it for life for choosing abortion. If you do not want the baby, you could give it to someone alse after you give birth to he or she. I mean there is so many people in North America that is just trying to adopt a child.

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    It really depends. If it is a poor, very young girl who has been stupid and gotten herself pregnant, she should be able to have the choice to keep or not keep the baby, because it could cause her sooo much grief in the future. It has to be at a verrrrry early stage if the baby is to be aborted - the baby is not much other than a cluster of cells early on and it's not too too bad. If the situation is not that dire, I definitely don't think abortion should be allowed!!!!

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    I am Pro-Life with barriers. I suppose that within the occasion that the mum's & baby's existence are in chance, (maintaining in brain there's ALWAYS hazard with being pregnant regardless of "complicated science") or in terms of rape and/or incest that if deemed neccessary that it must occur. Now I, together with so much men and women in this web publication feel it's absoultly sickening that men and women, use abortion or the abortion tablet (that's now below regulation-fits for probably inflicting deaths, blood clots, and so on) for start manipulate on a constant foundation. People with the attitude "I had willingly had unprotected intercourse and now I do not desire to manage the penalties, even supposing it way taking a existence." I am now not going to inform others what to do ex: "Your evil when you have an abortion." My philopshy isn't devout centered simply morally centered. If anyone has an abortion, it is their alternative precise, BUT I do not comprehend how anyone might willingly decide on to finish a existence that hasn't had a risk to reside considering that they did not desire to be in charge and manage the consquences in their movements. I could not reside with myself. What I ask to professional-lifers is, while is whatever "alive", while it is out of the womb. Or while it could possibly breathe or see or transfer or think or while it is middle beats (all even as within the mom's womb), or while it could possibly cry it is little helpless tiny cry? I used to be a "unforeseen surpise" while she learned while I used to be 6 months alongside, my mom did not feel she might have anymore for the reason that she had a miscarriage and used to be going via early menopause and she or he is professional-alternative however she certainly not regarded aborting me although she knew she had no guy, a 18yr historical daughter and (on the time) a 11mon historical grandchild to maintain. I grew up adored and desired. I observe now not everybody is so fortunate. My mom desired to undertake extra kids for the reason that I used to be 4 (1992), she had her tubes tied while I used to be two and she or he stated she regrets it, however they advised her she used to be "too historical" to undertake, she used to be best forty one and in ideal wellbeing however divorced/unmarried.

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    Against. There are people out there who will care for the child and/or adopt it, so I don't think that one should murder a baby just because they were stupid. The only justification I can see is if the mother's health is in jeopardy.

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