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Fanatsy Bball players, talk to me and help me out... (Trade)?

Dirk and Tmac for Duncan/Jason Terry/Ron Artest or for Duncan/Jason Terry/Rasheed Wallace.... I have Dirk and Mac on my squad and all 3 players would go into my starting line up with Brand/Deng and TJ Ford ~ Would you even do the trade and if so, would it be Rasheed or Artest

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    no way, Dirk is an amazing fantasy player and he averages a double double every night...

    BY THE WAY-you are trading away the best 2 players in the deal

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    If you are going to trade Dirk and T-Mac, I suggest that you go for the Duncan, Terry, and Rasheed Wallace swap as I believe that you are going to make out like a bandit with this deal. We don't know the extent of McGrady's concussion as well as if his back would ever give out on him again this season, so basically, its a three for one--Dirk for Terry, Artest, and Duncan.

    Dirk gives you MIN, FG, FT, 3PTS, REBS and a handful of ASTS, BLKS, STLS. But you will get three players in return who will give you more in each category. If Dirk gets hurt (e.g., his recent bruised retina injury), you would get nothing.

    Given, Artest is currently injured (e.g., back), but he is a relatively healthy player if he has his head into the game (and not out punching fans or promoting his rap album and telling his coach that he needed a break and didn't want to player basketball). While in Duncan you get something good in every category except for FT. Terry is a good source for MIN, PTS, FT, 3PTS, and ASTS.

    Hope this helps.

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    Personally, I would not do it. I had Duncan on my team for years. He always seemed to get hurt at the end of the year, and he was a terrible free throw shooter. I guess it depends on your scoring system and your needs. It seems like you'd be giving up a lot. Artest is more of a defensive player, so if I did it, I'd rather have Rasheed.

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    I wouldn't trade Dirk, and I'd wait on trading T-Mac until he has a good game or two so people won't be so down on him. I don't think you can get good value for him right now.

    Dirk is better than Duncan. I'd rather have Terry and Artest than T-Mac right now - maybe you can get those two for just T-Mac? Probably not...

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    Depends on what your fantasy team needs. I wouldn't do either of these trades though. I would try to get a stud guard by putting up Brand or T-Mac. Your forwards sound pretty good already.

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