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I'm not sure if I had my period...canyou help me?

Okay, when you have your period, is it like light red or is it darker? I don't know cause the same darker red has came two days in a

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    me and all of my friends when we started our periods it was really brown so we weren't sure. It starts off being brown or dark red and then gradually becomes redder and thicker. Don't worry nothing abnormal. I would say you have started!

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    yes, you can have darker red. since has been flowing like that for 2 days now it is your period. if you are young (in your teens), don't get upset if you miss your period sometimes. and yes, it may even come as a light red sometimes and then go into the darker red. talk to your mom or call your doctor if you have any problems or questions.

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    Usually it starts out darker red, almost brownish for a day or two. Sounds like you have. If this is one of your first periods then you might not even have a heavy flow and it just might be dark for a day or two and go away. It takes a few periods for your body to figure it out.

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    That happened to my sister when she was fourteen. I was probably about eleven, and since our mom left when we were babies, we didn't have anyone to ask. We were too embarrassed to ask our dad, besides - what would he know about it?

    So, instead, we just assumed that she had started her period.

    Three weeks later, she was still bleeding.

    She had no idea what was going on, and she still hadn't notified an adult.

    So, she decided to go up to the women's clinic and ask them to check it out.

    It turns out that she had vaginal cancer. It had started about a month before the first trace of blood appeared.

    Two months later, a rather offensive odor began to reside in her underwear. The blood got heavier, and a lot of discharge began to come out.

    My sister, who is twenty-six now, is married. She has been trying to conceive a baby for a little over three years.

    No such luck.

    Are these two things related?

    I don't know.

    But you should really get your problem checked out.

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    The color of your period can vary, and so can the lenght of time and the flow. If you needed to wear a pad and not just a liner, then you most likely had your period.

    If you think you are possibly pregnant, because you had a very short or light period, then I would recommend you vist your local famliy planning clinic for a pregnancy test, just to be sure.

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    Fresh blood has a lighter red colour while aged blood is darker.

    Is your menstrual flow steady or off and on and slow. If it is the latter case,the blood can be darker.

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    It could be light or dark, if there is something coming out chances are your having your period.

  • It depends on your age!! Well good luck!!

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    if you are bleeding from guess is that its your period

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