Does a nun have to live in a convent?

Does a nun have to live in a convent or can they live out in the regular world?

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    No, it depends as people have already said what type of order she is a member of. Alot do live in convents with varying degrees of strictness i.e. some arent allowed to speak, some arent allowed out and some are fairly relaxed and welcome in the community, let the nuns wear there own clothes an only the nuns headress etc. However nuns can also choose to work ministering to the need of the community i.e. teachers, helping the poor etc. They choose the type of order they join tho according to the caling they think they have been given by god and the skills and talents they have to share. Being a nun can be as much about serving the community and ministering to the people, as it can be about praying and reflecting (tho obviously they will all do that to some extent) as they can be just as close o god through doing his work helping people as they can in solitude and reflection.

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    Gone are the days when all nuns wore ""Habits"" and lived in a convent.

    Things have changed a lot over the last thirty plus years. According to

    which "Order"" they belonged to, some Nuns have been given permission to wear their own clothes,and live in an apartment or house.

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    Way, way back when I was in Catholic high school, a couple of our nuns "house-sat". The convent had been chipped away for classrooms. So, they lived in a home that was going to be otherwise vacant for a couple years.

    So, yes, they can live in the secular world.

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    Usually yes but she can live in the world (with her order's permission) which is given if she studies or works within a community with special needs.

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    Some live in the world depending on the ministry.

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    No--it depends on what order she is a member of.

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