University of Akron?

Does anyone go to the University of Akron? What are your thoughts on the school? I keep hearing that it is kind of run down and not very respectable. Is this true? Please add anything regarding the city, the campus, the students, etc. I am thinking about applying there so I need as much info as possible.


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    I think that the University of Akron is, in fact, quite respectable. The school is in the process of a multi-million dollar project called, "Landscape for Learning." This involves adding lots of green space, building/renovating buildings, and I believe they will be redoing the Rubberbowl as well. While the city itself isn't very entertaining, there are many things to take advantage of on campus. The Student Center for Recreation and Fitness is still quite new and spacious. It's one of the nicest facilities that I have ever been in (for working out, classes, intramurals, etc.) There's even a rock climbing wall and a lazy river! :) Campus can be dull at times if you live on campus, considering most of the students are commuters. However, if you look for things to do (like one of the over 200 student organizations) or utilize the facilities available, you should enjoy your experience. You may find that it isn't for you (I did, in my second year). You really have to visit a campus (this is true with all colleges) to see whether or not it's a good fit for you. I hope this helps! :)

    P.S. You might want to go to Akron's page and search for the Student Union or the Rec Center. They have some great pictures up!

    Source(s): I was a tour guide at the University of Akron last year. ;)
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    If you are looking for a quiet/calm place, then you should be fine. But if you are looking for a college town or a metropolitan place, then Akron is not what you want. Akron does have some run down areas, but so does every other city in the country. The university is very respectable in many fields, and has a nice placement rate with local companies as well as companies and organizations located in northern Ohio. You could also try applying to Kent State University, which is located in a nice small town with more of a college town feeling. It is also a very good liberal arts school.

    Source(s): Study Abroad and Travel Portal
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