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FREAKING OUT because was just told that my cat's mother had some type of leukemia?

Does this mean that he has it or will develop it- or if he did have it, would I have seen signs of it by now? He is a very healthy house cat that goes annually for his shots, etc. - that's why I'd hate to have to put him through any tests. So I hope I've only been worrying for nothing. Please help!

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    Leukemia is common in cats and dogs, but is not hereditary. No need to get upset about your cat.

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    I am going to guess this is Feline Leukemia that is being referred to and it is HIGHLY contagious, from what I understand and can have a devastating outcome.

    If your cat is a kitten and has been around the mother recently and has never had shots for it (Feline Leukemia), then there is always a chance....or even if your cat has been around the mother at any age without the vacination there is a chance.

    That is bad stuff, but if you've taken your cat in for regular care/vacinations, chances are your cat as already been vacinated for it. Just keep the shots up to date!

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    Are you talking about a cat and cancer? Maybe you could post the question in pets. You may get more answers.

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