Was I fired or laid-off?

I was told that I was "being let go" from a job, but found out that I am eligible for unemployment. However, the practice owner was not comfortable with providing me with a reference for future employers. It's not like they were down-sizing or anything, but I heard that if you're fired, you aren't eligible for unemployment...

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    It's the same meaning.. Laid off for business lack of work is another matter. If you were let go because you did something illegal at work (stealing), then that's another story. Most companies don't want to offer reference in fear that they may get sued by others (either you or your future employers). Well on the bright side, you get unemployment. What you may want is a personal reference from your ex-manager. Good luck.

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    It all depends why you were terminated, regardless of the terminoligy that was used. If you were terminated for something like stealing from the company, then you don't get unemployment. If you were terminated because you just weren't working out, then yes, you would get unemployment, but I could see why the employer wouldn't want to give you a reference. Some companies will go so far as to not give references, period. They will only say whether you left voluntarily or involuntarily, and whether or not you are eligible for rehire. In some states you can get yourself in a lot of trouble by saying anthing else!

    You were fired. You were laid-off. You were terminated. The bottom line is that it was the employer's choice and not yours. Hope this helps.

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    More than likely, you were fired. You can ask your employer why you were released.

    If they aren't going to give you letters of recommendation, you need to know why, to either explain to future potential employers, or to make sure you don't repeat the same action.

    When you are fired, you are usually eligible for unemployment, unless your company can prove that you were let go for legit reasons.

    Source(s): HR experience
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    Sorry, but it sounds like you were fired but the employer did you a favour by saying you were laid off due to some reason on paper so you could get unemployment. Good luck

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    If they said you were let go then you were fired. Depending on the circumstances, if you are fired, you are eligible for unemployment... if you quit the job then most times you are not eligible.

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    My husband and that i both were given laid off on the day we got here upon out we were pregnant. We worked for a similar employer and the employer closed save. of route the first 3 months were very stressful for me. I utilized to jobs everywhere and were given a job preparation on-line. you should opt for to attempt jobs that dont require you to leave residing house so as that your being pregnant does not become an 'difficulty'. even with human beings ought to assert, they have an inclination now to not call you decrease back even as they see your abdomen. I also utilized at a temp organization and actually informed them i replaced into pregnant. They by no skill suggested as decrease back. both way i'm satisfied I have a job. try on-line jobs, those must be a good wager for you. If not, only take this smash day (in case you could discover the money for it) and relax.

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    Basically, you were fired, hence the bad reference.

    By 'Letting you go', you are eligible for the unemployment, which could have been harder if they said you were fired.

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    If you get fired, you are usually eligible for unemployment. If you quit, that's when you may not be eligible.

    Source(s): CA Unemployment Insurance FAQ's http://www.edd.ca.gov/uirep/uipub.htm
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    You were fired for poor performance more than likely, that is why you are still eligible for unemployment

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    I once fell for that ruse...

    If you were actually told that you are not required or needed, it has NO bearing weather you were fired or layed-off, period.

    You are ONLY ineligible to recieve benefits if you OUIT your job.

    ALL employee's chip into a fund(that comes out of your taxes) that is set-up for your benefit's.

    Don't let your former employer try to screw you(if you did not quit). Appeal, and bring it to a mediator(which cost nothing thru the state)

    Good Luck...and don't let the bas-tards get away with it!

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