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Problem with Internet and networking.?

I have hooked up 3 computers to a network so we could be on the internet at the same time. I got it all set up and all the computers worked fine. A fwe hours later the internet just slows down to a crawl a few hours after setting the network up. It's blazing fast on all the computers but the newest which is a Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop. The internet works fine on all the others. Can u help me figure out whats wrong?

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    I am assuming you are using broadband(cable modem)

    The problem could be with the hub or router that you setup. Power off the hub or router and power it back on.

    Try disconnecting two of the three machine to see if the issue continues and if one of the computers is causing the problems.

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    The more computers means the more bandwith gets sucked down I would get a either a faster DSL or CABLE service the normal DSL speed is around 1.8 mbps and cable is around 6.5 if it's the medium plan.

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