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Close shave on sensitive skin?

I have really sensitive skin and my facial hair grows really fast.

I can only shave every 2 days (with blade shaver) because my skin is so sensitive. When I do shave, I get red bumps everywhere. I tried using shaving creams and oils and they dont work. This happends even with new blades. Does anyone have any suggestions.

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    Believe it or not, different brand of shavers shave at a slightly different angle. Try switching the brand of razor you are using until you find one that does not irritate your skin.

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    Try different shaving creams to see what you find to be most "protective". Key is to splash your face with very cold water after you shave to close up the pores. This should help and stay away from the oils...only makes it worse.

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    Plucking (tweezing), Shaving, Depilatory creams and Waxing are temporary hair removal methods.

    A review of the various hair removal methods is available at

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    I use shaving cream with aloe vera in for sensitive skin which i also have too mate thank you

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