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What do you think about cross dressers today? and are they are wecomed in the society than before?

you must answer a lest one answer to get 10 points and a million dollars but please bee honest


you must answer a least one answer to get 10 points and a million dollars but please be honest

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    Cross dressers are trying to find a balance in their lives.

    Its easy for someone to say ooh oohh the're gay

    but these people know they will be treated badly they know they will be ridiculed and beaten and disowned, they know these things, but because their inner conflict with themselves is so loud and huge its can be easier to bear the silent glares and angry punches then to bear the burden of a conflict mind.

    Society, because of it political correctness, is superfically more accpeted of cross dressers, but most people in society still do not accpet it at all.

    People are too stuck on sterotipicall versions of male and females. Females use to have to wear dresses all the time, and pants were completly unacceptable.. Girls are pink men are blue... thats the way it is...

    I believe that thankfully these rigid gender lines are becoming more and more blurred, with stay at home dads, army's with women, scientist of both, political leaders of both. Woman in pants. and now the next step will be men in skirts... (not kilts).

    It wont happen over night.

    but it will happen, and yes it is a good thing.

    and before someone says ooh ooh your gay..

    im a straight, enaged, female, who does not cross-dress.

    oh and also.. the difference between men and women genetically is one pair of chromosones, and as there are birth 'defects' and 'abnormalities' all the time its no surprise at all that some pleople claim to have been 'born a man/woman" scientifically speaking its not hard to imagine at all and happens quite constantly.

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    Well, I don't really think a lot about them because I live in an area where there aren't a lot of cross dressers. I have seen one at the MAC counter though here. I mean, in places like NYC, it's probably more acceptable.

    I guess the whole confuses me. Are they gay? Are they not? And that's probably where my thinking stops because there's so much more to a person then their sexual orientation. Maybe I'd just ask him/her for some makeup tips!

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    If it is done well one would not be able to tell,I think today anything goes that does not impinge on an individuals rights. I don't think cross dressers are necessarily gay.

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    I have been crossdressing all my life, 50 years ago they put me in jail for it, today nobody even notices me

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    I think they're cool if they do that in a party or something but not in a large crowd or public places.

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    Seriously, why would you want to be another gender? I mean, aren't you happy with who you are? Some people even say "I was born a man/woman!" BULL that doesn't make any sense. So they scare me..

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    I still think there's something very wrong with a man who wants to wear women's clothes.

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    Well, I think cross dressers are gays.

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    They are stillfags.

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