A rather personal "hair" question and more?

Ok, so I've known this guy about 4 years, and we recently hooked up sexually, just for the sake of helping us both. I realized that he shaved all his hair off his chest and lower area, and it freaked me out. Further, he couldn't finish the act, so I'm wondering, from my limited experience, isn't this something bi-sexual or gay men usually do? Do women like this, it was a first for me, so I don't know if I like it or not. How do I ask if he's into other men?

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    Who knows...I wish my hubby would shave his hair off

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    Sounds like he just likes it clean. It's pretty common now a days to shave below the belt area. There is lots of reasons why he could have not finished, but I don't think it's because he's gay, or bi. I would ask him since you guys have done this for the sake of helping each other out. The only way to truly find out, is to ask him. So go ask him already, and don't get freaked out, there is lots of other crazy things out there. Keep in mind all the different kinds of STDs, so if you see boils, puss, or other abnormalities, then get freaked out and run far far away. Always use the glove.

    Take Care.

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    My husband shaves his chest and "down there" and I think it is fantastic. If you don't shave ":down there" he may have been a bit grossed out becuase men that shave a lot obviously like it. So maybe that si why he couldn't finish. I have been with people before that couldn't finish first time around because they were nervous, so maybe that is it. Men also have a hard time finishing if that have been drinking. I woudn't be too freaked out my the shaving, you will get used to the look.

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    Ok heres some imformation, first dont jump right into sex ok, foreplay a little, play with his penis and his balls. If you both are comftable watch a porn movie to get in the mood. have him touch your breast and vigina. When you guys are in the "act" have him talk a little dirty to you, maybe roleplay some, play some adult games. Have him finish you with his hand first and then when he goes inside you make noices if you are enjoying it that way he will like it too.

    And about shaving its normal for most guys, my boyfriend does it once in a while so he gets more chest hair and down there because when i give him head i get some hairs in my mouth but most of the time they are just couriouns. But its completely normal.

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    I know plenty of straight men who have shaved various parts of their bodies...including my current boyfriend...when I asked him why, he just said "I wanted to see what it was like" and then when he realized how uncomfortable it was while it was growing back he never did it again.

    I don't think it has anything to do with being gay or bi.

    I had one guy that even shaved his testicals. It felt really nice and smooth, but wierd at the same time, and I couldn't figure out how he did it without giving himself a vasectomy.

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    Sometimes it's sensitive guys who can't finish off, or perhaps there's a trust issue there. Perhaps he felt that you were freaked out by him a little, and thus didn't feel relaxed or trusting enough to really let go.

    I'm not too keen on guys who shave themselves, but about 50% of my relationships have shaved, so I think it's quite common. I always ask guys if they have experimented with other guys, kissed another guy etc, it's just normal conversation to me.

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    Make a joke out of it. Say you saw some bogus stat on how gay guys like to shave. By the way, straight guys shave a lot too. If you don't like how it feels, tell him.

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    Oh no! There are a lot of straight men that shave their body hair. I like when a guy shaves down there.

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    the hair doenst necessarily mean he is gay.lots of straight men have hair removed.and yes women do like it..it sounds as though u both had sex just for the sake of it. mabi he couldnt finish off cos he needs to be more emotionally involved or more sexually stimulated.sound like u could be just friends..if u have known him for 4 years u should be comfortable enough to just ask straight out

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    My boyfriend shaves too, and he's completely heterosexual, doesn't like men at all. And not in that freaked out closet homosexual way. He's just really into girls. He shaves because he thinks it's sexy to me, which it is. After dating guys who do and do not shave, I definatley prefer they shave, as a courtesy. Ecspecially since I do (not my chest of course, that'd be creepy).

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    No, there are a lot of straight men who do this. The fact that he coudln't finish the act is common as well. The reason for that could have been many different things.

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