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why is it ok for our Commander and Cheif to call nations evil, yet unacceptable for Chavez to call Our leader?

the devil?

His insult was aimed at one man, not at entire governments.

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    who said it was unacceptable for chavez to do any thing ?? fox news?

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    How soon we forget, Reagan's calling the USSR " the Evil Empire" All the "Axis of Evil" nations. You ppl really are paranoid, blind followers, If Chavez is so unimportant, why do so many ppl have their shorts in a knot? Obviously he is real enough for so many wingnuts to get upset. Not only did the US support the Khymer Rouge, they sold weapons to Suharto for Indonesia's genocide in East Timor. They also had Allende of Chile assassinated by the CIA and put Pinochet in Power. They overthrew Arbenze, the elected Pres. of Guatamala in 1952 and put their own GOON in power resulting in over 100,000, murders by CIA Death Squads. You're wrong about Chavez, but I couldn't care less what you believe. Personally, I think the whole Bush administration is evil & that includes Haliburton and the other "Carpet Baggers" that are making a fortune on the lives of the US military. Anyway you have to live with your decisions.

    Source(s): What's this crap about not attacking the leader of a country. How's Saddam doing.? Your hands didn't even have time to be washed and you are saying it is wron g to attack a person, albeit verbally. I certainly do not defend Saddam in any way, but if you can try to follow your logic through, although, I'm sure most will draw a blank, but if you can, it should boggle your mind.
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    Because he's the only one who has some guts to oppose him up front, so there must be some way to try to control him. I think it would have been better for Bush to just laugh at the comment, but he took it as a very serious insult, is he scared or what? He took it really personally, even kind of guilty.

    And for the ones who said that people are dying in Venezuelan hospitals, it's obvious you just watch CNN and don't have any knowledge of what really goes on in the country. Read a little, shape some form of criteria for yourselves, get out of that shell.

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    Why? Are you serious. It is obvious. President Bush called the governments of certain countries.

    Chavez made it personal by singling out the man...not the US Government or even the Office of the President. This clown (it's OK for me to make it personal) is a hack; not a diplomat. Hell even the fanatical Muslim leaders attack our entire country as the Great Satan.

    Attacking a country's leader is politically and internationally stupid.

    Example....which would piss you off more? If I called your political beliefs idiotic or if I called you an idiot. That is the difference.

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    Are you a child, playing sticks and stones, saying anything that pops in to your head?

    Some things are true, other things are not.

    Bush is not perfect. But he went to war to free a country imprisoned by a psychotic, murderous dictator. Such an unselfish action is not the mark of an evil man.

    Many states in the Mid-East sponsor terrorism whose goal is to kill innocent people in order to shock and frighten the citizens of the target country. Killing innocent people is evil. Nations that promote this practice are evil.

    That's the difference.


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    Chavez's behavior at the UN was befitting for a street thug talking trash on a basketball court. It was not the behavior of a leader of a major country.

    That your post focuses on the *type of applause* Bush and Chavez received tells me alot about how much you value popularity vs. truth and ideals (which Bush has and Chavez manipulates to impoverished (m)asses).

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    Chavez can say what he likes. The guy is a textbook paranoid anyway so he thinks everyone is out to get him. He's been in bed with all the leaders of countries that support the radical Islamics anyway. What do we care what he likes or doesn't like.

    He's a nuttynut, and inspires those of similar nuttiness to follow.

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    I will not take up for Bush here but Chavez is giving fake documents to people from countries of concern to get into the US. Yes that is right he helps possible terrorist get to the US so if you must take a side be aware who it is that has no concern for the US citizens.

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    The biggest differance is that Bush called those nations evil while speaking to us, the citizens of his country. Chavez came to our country and spoke to the world about Bush. I can make fun of my mom, but you better leave her alone. You can say bad things about me I dont mind, but dont come to my house and be my guest and then do the insulting.

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    Bush has been referring to the leadership of certain countries evil, not the nations themselves (which suffer bad and oppressive leadership)

    Chomsky supported the Khmer Rouge, so I don't regard him as a morally competent pundit.

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    Should the US or England called Nazi Germany evil?, should the free world have called the Soviet Union evil? and they, consequently called us evil. Who was evil and who wasn't ?. Chavez is a pathetic caricature and in reality shouldn't be calling anybody anything.

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