where can i find really good Christmas decorations?

I need something to hang over the balcony that overlooks the foyer. Wal-mart had really cheap looking decorations. This is a beautiful newly built house and I wanted to find something nice.

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    wal-mart,the dollar store(they got nice ones),the mall,i mean anywhere except grocer stores and other kind of stores.its really not hard to find. :]

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    Would I be right in thinking that you're in America? We have some Big W here in England, that I believe are related to Wal-mart but I'd never have dreamt going there for 'expensive' decorations. Try Garden Centres - we have some wonderful places around Stockport and Macclesfield - but be warned, you can sometimes pay a fortune for some and find the very same things, made by the same company for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Happy decorating.

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    Go to Hall mark Store and take a look first and if you are in New York Pay a visit on Broadway between 24Th to 34Th street including street stores.There is always a new varieties.Or if you know the craft,why don't you not doing yourself the way you wish! Or place a Santa Mirror Screen and back up with the light from inside.So from the outside,if some one see it..Santa is climbing with reindeer's into your Balcony,to give you a gift.

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    I usually go to a local nursery. Most of them sell balsam swags or ropes. They are easy to hang, they're not that expensive (unless you buy a lot), and they smell great. You just have to buy them new every year. Most nurseries will sell them plain or decorated. The decorated ones cost more, of course, but you can get bows, pinecones, decoration of your choice, on your own.

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    1 decade ago

    Wal-Mart! My dad always says, "If it ain't at Wal-Mart you don't need it!" LOL! Pretty much everywhere sells Christmas decorations though.

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    1 decade ago

    if you do your research on ebay.com you'll find some nice stuff.. fiber optic stuff for the outside and plastic balls that are considerably sizable and lights that are no joke... they're of good color..

    now if you key in search: sixstarsales (he's got some nice lights, candles and such) he has nice colored stuff too.... he's reasonable in price.

    then there's another one who has changed his store name lately and i've not found him yet... but key in christmas lights... when you come across some fellas that do lights for weddings... and have candles (LED battery) obscure colored lights of purple, hot red.. emerald green and sapphire blue.. then you've runned into them.


    http://www.inirgee.com/ his name is tom and he's got tons of led stuff... blinky, color change fade.. chasers... very weather resistant.

    you can find hanging stars... led icicles... big balls that fade that are pearlized... just key it up in ebay.com and you'll find them..

    there are trees to that come cheap ... also montgomery wards has some sales going on you may want to check out...


    then seventhavenue.com has some nice stuff...

    just some suggestions that i use.... i always get compliments.


    oh if you're brave.. you may want to look up "airblown inflatables" on ebay.com also...


    those are fun for the balcony... oh yes.

    also you may want to look into some cheap DMX stuff.... to make the lights and stuff do things:


    or if you got the money and the computer equipment....

    you may want light o' rama.


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    JC Penny has some really nice decorations, so does Macys......sorry they wont be as cheap as Walmart!!!

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    I think Target and Pier 1 have really great stuff this year.

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    Crate and Barrel

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    big lots, walmart, kmart they have some good stuff for cheap prices. there might be different stores in your neighborhood.

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