am i old enough to have contacts?

i'm 12 and i have to chose whether to have contacts or not,and it's hard.i need advice.

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    Yea you can have contacts, you just have to keep up with the care of the contacts, that is all. Just get a pair of glasses to so that what if your eyes get irritated you can take the contacts out and wear your glasses to give your eyes a break.

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    My cousin started wearing contacts when he was 10. But only during sport meets and any athletic activity. He never wore them for anything else and for every day use he sticks to glasses.

    Contacts are ok (i use them, but im 27). But they can take a while to get used to. Especially the first few weeks you have them in, you can feel them in there. You have to be careful with your hygiene and make sure you wash your hands before and after you put them in or you can get eye infections. And you can get dry eye (when your eyes lose moisture) and they can feel gritty and painfully dry.

    You cant get them wet (with water) or any other substance but saline fluid and you cant let them dry out, because they warp and buckle and cant be worn afterwards.

    As you can tell they are extremely picky to take care of, but if people feel more comfortable with them then they are worth the buy. They do cost alot of money depending on how many you get and for how long they last.

    Talk to your parents about what your decision may be and talk to your optometrist for advice about what are the best ones out there for you if you do choose to wear them.

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    The question isn't if your old enough to have contacts...

    It's if your mature enough the handle the responsibility of having them.

    You have to clean them daily, take them out at night before you sleep, etc.

    Well, I think a 12-year-old is mature enough to handle them.

    - I had to wait until 13

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    Russian contacts?

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    Get the damn contacts.. you'll look better then wearing glasses.

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