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help!!! is this shy or mean?

i like a guy who is quiet, shy and adorably innocent. we have hooked up a couple of times while drunk, but in school we usualyl avoid each other. today i was with him in a group for a class and he didnt talk to me much. i tried to start conversations (bc i like him) and he would smile, answer, and go back to being quiet and soemwhat ignoring me.

the reason i wonder if this is becoming more than friends with benefits is because, while he talks to other girls socially, he doesnt to me. i get the feeling he is shy around me bc he doesnt want to screw up what he says. on the other hand, maybe he is trying to give me a sign that hes not interested in being more than fwb.

given my evidence, what do you think? was he being shy to a girl he likes or rude to a girl he uses for a ss?


one more thing: if you do think that hes into me, what more can i do to form a friendship with him when he's this shy?

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    Don't rush it. Be open. Make it easy for him. If he's way different with other girls then maybe he just doesn't feel the same way.

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    I think it is because he is shy that he is not treating you like a piece of meat but rather as a human being. You are getting the wrong impression.

    The best way is direct. Ask him what you can do to make the relationship get off the ground, so to speak. You can also ask him if he is really into you. If you don't want to ask, do something that might show you that he is interested.

    Good Luck

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    You could ask for his email add. and chat online. surely he wont be shy when his on the net. Guess he likes you. Dont give up hope girl! Good luck!

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    It's really hard to tell so the best way to find out is to ask him. Give him a call.

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    maybe he is shy you know you can ask by a friend that way you find out easy.

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    Hate to say it but sounds like you are just a bottycall.

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