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can i hear my baby's heartbeat at 9 weeks with a hand fetal Doppler at the doc's office?

the babys heartbeat was 129 when i had an ultra sound at 7 weeks but i go for a regular check up tommrrow and shes gona see if we can hear te babys heartbeat with just the hand doppler the docs use and not a u/s machine!!! this is possible rite that i can hear it rite if the babys heart beat was that strong then?

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    Not normally. You usually have to be at least 12 weeks, but some have heard it sooner. It can depend on how heavy you were before you got pregnant too. Skinny women may hear it sooner, although a friend of mine was chunky and hear her daughter's heartbeat at 11 weeks with the doppler.

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    The first time I got pregnant, I weighed 195. (5'9", if that helps paint the picture.)

    Not obese, but certainly overweight. I was wearing about size 18 jeans.

    My first prenatal was at 9 weeks, and we heard the heartbeat with the doppler.

    At this stage, it depends not just on your body-type (I agree, skinnier women would have a better chance!), but your baby's physical location & position.

    At much later appointments, we sometimes had to search all over for the heartbeat, and had a hard time "holding" it long enough for the doctor to get the rhythm.

    So, yes, it's possible. But if you don't hear it, that's perfectly normal, too.

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    Yes. Baby's heart rates go up an down just like your heart rate does. They're faster when the baby is awake and moving and slower when he/she is asleep. How well you hear it depends on the positioning of the Doppler or Ultrasound, the positioning of the baby, it's size, and how far along the baby is. The bigger the baby's heart, the easier it should be to hear it.

  • I had a homebirth and we never used an ultrasound. I heard the baby's heartbeat loud and clear at 10 weeks with a hand-held fetal doppler, so I'm sure it's possible at 9!

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    You should be able to but it all depends on how fast the baby is developing and also there are many other sounds that are going on inside your body due to normal bodily functions that could interfere due to the fact that it is still early in the pregnancy.

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    yes, it is possible to hear the baby's heartbeat but sometimes it does take a few weeks longer. Good luck with your pregnancy.

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    Around 10 weeks you can start hearing it, but all baby's grow at different speeds.

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    Yes you can hear it at nine weeks usually at the very bottom portion of the stomach and depending on your size if your heavy they may not hear it

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    it really depends how much body fat you have my Doctor heard my babies heart beat but I'm quite slim .but he could;t hear my friends who is a bit over weight

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    Of course. The baby's heart is beating pretty soon for it to stay alive so if you here it, it's okay.

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