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what can i do to gain self confidence?

i am reli self conscious about the way i am developing. i like to wear clothes to cover myself up. what shud i do?

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    well, if it was me I would make 2 lists, on the first list I would note all the things I want myself to be, example? thin, muscular, smooth talking, witty and rich! and on the second list I would describe all my current qualities. That should help you outline things you may want to improve about yourself. I find exercise works wonders, you dont have to join an expensive gym, try running it makes you feel great and getting healthy is a proven confidence builder. And try putting yourself out there, go to social events (like running meeting lol) I hope this has been of some help to you ;)

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    You need to stop looking at the things that you think are ugly or wrong with your body, and start showing off those that you consider beautiful. You need to believe and feel that you are beautiful first then you will see it. Don't cover your self up, don't go out looking like skank either, but wear clothes that are suited to your body type, those that accentuate your figure. But most importantly you need to love your self you need to step out of your house every day as you were the queen of the universe. Once you start believing that every one else will too. Believe me it works. :-)

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    I used to cover myself. Then one day I was like f it. I am going to flaunt it. Developing is a beautiful thing. Embrace it!

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    become a bully. take out your frustrations by beating up and destroying the posessions and self esteem of others. especially those more talented. learn to steal the credit for their work while putting them down so you can some day climb the corporate ladder. if that doesn't work, just bring a gun to work and kill everyone.

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    Just be yourself. Its ok! Ppl would like a decent girl.

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    get out more and think of yourself as a better person than that. you're young and willdevelope fine later. don't worry

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    i was self concious for a little while and you just have to say to yourself nobody cares

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    get rid of the man that took it away from you !

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    shoot youself you biatch!

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