How Do You Drive A Forklift?

My dad's warehouse got one but he won't tell me how. Those dudes in the warehouse won't tell me either. Anyone know how? Thanks.


Thanks for the link. I'm 12 and ready to go!

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    1 decade ago
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    i'm forklift certified.. forklifts are not toys, they can kill.

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    1 decade ago

    Very carefully! If you don't know how to drive it, I suggest you don't. You can cause some serious damage to the forklift, the warehouse, somebody else, and even yourself. Driving a forklift is a bit like driving a car with a stick shift, but the steering is very funky. It has a clutch that lets you shift between forward and reverse, and another lever to control the fork hight and tilt, as tilting is needed to release pallets.

    ***If you are not old enough to drive a car and don't have a drivers license, stay as far away from the forklift as possible.***

    Source(s): My dad own a woodworking shop and has a few forklifts.
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    just take the thing outside where you won't break anything and practice

    here they have a little class. takes a day to learn and get a certificate, but the guys have that piece of paper make a few bucks more an hour so they don't want anybody else learning how

    just be careful. those hyrdaulics have a lot of power. we have forks to turn our backhoe into a forklift. someone wasn't careful and bent them without even knowing it, they're no good now

    another guy was raising a pallet of stuff when he hit it into the sprinkler system. flooded about half a million dollars worth of clothing.

    just practice someplace safe until you know what you're doing and are confident enough to handle a few easy chores.

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    My job is to drive a forklift there is a gas and brake pedal on it. And a lever that you move between drive, neutral and reverse. on my fork lift the forks can turn sideways to grip certain things. They also can go up down side shift and tilt both up and down. My forklift is battery operated. The wheels in the rear turn as opposed to the ones in the front allowing a very tight Turing radius.

    All you have to do is turn the lift on then take off the emergency brake and put it into drive and then push the gas and you'll go.

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    It is like a stick shift car but there is only one speed forward and one speed reverse. Since the steering in in the rear wheels it turns quicker than a car. The first control lever is to raise and lower the fork. The second control lever is to tilt the fork. The third control can control optional attachments such as a left and right fork shifter.


    You are dead if run over or hit by one. Most states now require a license for use in other than farming.

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    obviously you are not responsible or old enough and there is reason your dad wont tell you how...

    first of all you have to be 16 in most states to operate one and you need a license to run it (especially since its obvious its for a business and when you hit something for insurance to cover it)

    Also, do you have any idea how much they cost? Your dad prolly worked his a$$ off to get one and doesnt want you ruining it just so you can "have some fun"

    THey are not toys and can hurt ppl if you dont know proper safty tips for them.

    Source(s): my experience, my family owns one,and yes i drive it
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    First you need a responible adult with you to show you how to drive one. They can be very dangerious and shouldnt be used as a toy!!

    I have seen many people killed by them and on them!!

    Source(s): Former Tow Truck Driver
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    drives like a small car to operate forks 1st handle pull down to go up,push up to go down next handle pull to go left push to go right

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    There must be a reason they are not telling you ! wait until you are shown and not told how to drive it!

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    Ask your dad for lessons

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    1 decade ago

    I'll give you a link on how to do it as long as you don't hold me legally responsible when you wreck it!

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