How can I make it look like someone is getting run over/hit by a car on camera?!?

I'm making a video and this girl is supposed to get killed by a car. I don't know how to film it. I obviously can't just run her over lol.

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    I'm not sure exactly how the other people did it in the online videos, but this is what I figured out from my knowledge and some common sense. I think you could probably do a forced perspective shot of the car and the subject, so that the car drives by the subject but it still looks like its about to hit her. In case, you don't know what forced perspective is, its placing objects at different distances from the camera, but placing the camera in a way that it still looks like they are beside each other, and making sure the camera doesn't move. (its possible to have moving forced perspective, but that is kind of difficult). Anyways, for your first shot have the girl stand there and drive the car as close to her as possible, and have her do a reaction when it gets close to her. If you place the camera at the level of the car it will look like they are together. Then in your second shot, have a dummy or something get hit by the car, except this time it actually hits the dummy and doesnt drive by it. Then you can edit it so just at the moment in the first shot when it looks like the girl is about to get hit you can cut the second shot. If you make sure your camera and nothing else in the frame moves except for the car and girl, and have the camera at the right level, it should look pretty convincing. Also, a second (easier) method would be to shoot so the girl is walking (or standing) on the street (car isnt in frame). Then shoot a close up of her face looking surprised, or shoot a shot of her through the car's windshield. Depending on how good you do this, it will look pretty good. If not, it will look pretty cheesy. Then get a third shot of the car hitting the dummy. Then you can go and cut those three shots together (pretty self explanatory). Well, I hope this helps, and have fun making your movie! Just dont kill anyone while your at it ;-)

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    have a clip of the girl pretending to get hit by a car with no car

    then have a clip of the car at the same spot and no girl

    then merge the clips with a movie maker software

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