Is it too early to test?

I ovulated on december 1st my hubby and i had intercouse on the 28th, 30th and the the 4th I am having some spotting (pink in color with some brown discharge) could this be inplantating bleeding or is it too early for that could I test now? or again is it still to early.....My period isnt suppose to start til the 16th....


Im not on any kind of fertility meds...... my normal cycle is 28days the first day of my last period was 18th of Nov. and my next period is due the 16th of this month

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    Ok the first question is...are you on fertility pills of any kind? Second question is...when is your regular period? The reason why is I am a mom of two wonderful (and wild lol) boys. I have had 5 miscarriages. The first one was twins. I have lost all together 6 children and have had two live births. I have endometreosis, poly cystic ovarian syndrome and about 5 years ago had my uterus removed due to red blood cell disease. So I do have the experience.

    Sometimes you can bleed when the egg is being implantated but that is very rare. U can actually test to see if you are p.g. two days after you have ovulated. Some over the counter tests will NOT pick up your levels...which tell you if you are pregnant or not. If you are just starting this spotting and if it is close to your period time....I would wait a couple days just to see. If the spotting stops and you feel normal....take a test. I would buy the more expensive ones if you are having problems getting pregnant if not...the cheaper ones are just as good but results might not be seen as early as usual. Hope this helps in anyway!

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    It is way too early to test. You need to wait AT LEAST 12 to 14 days after ovulation before testing, and even then, you're still at a risk for a false negative. I know it will be painful to wait, but just ride out the next two weeks and test closer to your period. The spotting could possibly be implantation bleeding; in fact, there's a good chance there is. That said, it takes several days for the hCG to build up to the necessary levels for a home pregnancy test to detect it.

    Good luck, and I hope you get the answer you're looking for! Believe me, I know how killer those two weeks can be. I'm in the second week of waiting right now. It's paaaainful.

    Source(s): Years of TTC experience.
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    Way too early. Test around the day (up to 3 days before) your period is due. Some tests are more sensitive than others, be sure to pick a test that can pick up HCG in your urine 3 days before your period is due to begin. Good luck!

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    get a first responce test and wait untill the 11th and then take another one on the 16th. as for the implantion, I don't know but i hope you have some good luck

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    well it may be to early to tell wait until after the date you are supposed to start your period and then take a test the following month it may be too early to tell

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    it may be a little too early...wait about a week or so and then test. but good luck to you

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    take good care of my baby..first you then the one in to come

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