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Rex Grossman or Brian Griese? After last nights game?

should the coaching staff put Brian G at the helm for the playoffs?

They pay Brian G 3 million to sit on the bench - and they pay Grossman 500K.

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    u should pick Griese because, how much worse can Griese be than Grossman? If Rex can win a game with a 1.3 passer rating, how much worse is Griese gonna do? Put in Griese and give him a run.

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    Griese should be in. They need veteran influence real bad on that team. They don;t need a super QB but someone like a Trent Dilfer to manage a game and not make mistakes. Grossmam is still learning and I don;t think totally ready to take charge and make the offence wide open. I would hate to see them get pummeled in the playoff because of the inexperience at QB. This is a special season they are having and it could all go down the drain in the playoffs if Grossman plays that way. I would hate to see all the effort wasted.

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    Grossman can't get the job done,as far as Griese he has been there before with the broncos and did a good job.Grossman will hurt the bears and I am a Bears fan . Look at his stats for the last 7 games. Give Griese a shot,(Griese took the Broncos to the div. championship only to lose on a last sec drive.

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    If you are asking which QB will hurt the team more (cause lord knows neither will help) the answer is........ Griese Here is why. If you bench Grossman right now you TOTALLY destroy what is left of his confidence. Rex is a decent QB who will be a good QB in time. He will never be a Joe Montana or a Roger Staubach but what he may be with some time is a Brett Farve LIKE QB. Notice the word like!! Give him time and he will produce. As far as Griese...Well I have never liked the dude anyhow. When he was with Tampa it was like he knew he would never be cut because of his last name. Real cocky. Just my opinion. Thanks!!

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    Money isn't the case. Donovan McNabb is getting 4 million and hes on the bench. Should they start him because of the salary even though he is injured? Brain G is getting old and Bears already set Grossman their Qb for the future. Even though he is struggling, Bears are not going to change their starting QB

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    Rex is their boy,so let them run with it.He needs to get into the shotgun ,so as to see the entire field.Hopefully someone can help him out,he was outstanding in college.It's now or never for him and it's all in his hands.Brian G is not the future for the Bears,so if Rex fails the Bears are in deep poop,with the draft.Much to high for a good QB pick.GOD save Da Bears.

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    I guess they feel Rex Grossman is the better man to get them the win

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    Neither, Bears needs a good QB real fast

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    Bring back Steve Fuller!!!!

    Best Bear Backup QB they ever had.

  • Grossman


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