Why don't people spank anymore?

I mean seriously! Teenagers today that have never been spanked. This is crazy! I was spanked and never thought badly of my parents for doing it. What do you think?


Also, has anyone noticed how rude teenagers are today?

Update 2:

Your right that people who hit their kids are nuts. Spanking is not hitting. I have never left a bruise or a mark.

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    i'll spank them until i am dead, dont care where or how old.

    called me old fashion, but i wont have my children growing up like these children these days.

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    I agree with you. All my girls know what a good old fashioned spanking is. There are a few thing i wish parents would do more of, spanking is one of them. First though, these kids need the love and communication from their parents. If you don't have that, the spanking will be ineffective. If a parent has that, then they need to use spanking more often, I am not saying daily or even weekly, there is no time frame. Parents need to have a set of core rules, that if broken always result in spanking. This could mean 4 spankings in one day, or no spanking for over a year or two (purely based on the behavior of the child).

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    I actually think that a lot of younger parents like myself are rejecting all the Nanny 911, etc. stuff, are sick and tired of bratty kids, and are returning to some of the ways parents have raised children for centuries and that includes spanking.

    I have an open question here on whether younger parents are now spanking more:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjWk....

    The problem started in the 1950's with some unscientific advise that spanking be abandoned. This happened at the same time as the rise of pop psychology and the break down of the extended family.

    Since then there are been some studies which purport to show that spanking is ineffective and harmful. These studies are taken as such gospel truth by the media. And so it has crept into our collective minds that it is a proven fact that spanking is bad, even though this is largely just a myth.

    The surpising thing is that there are very good studies which have demonstrated that spanking causes no harm and is in fact the most effective way to get children to comply with the wishes of their parents.

    I have discussed the problems with the "spanking will destroy the child and society" research and the research which has found the opposite (and which no one ever hears about) in : http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-GgIFACYzfqWx8Ywvtsp...

  • angie
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    I have an almost 5 yr old boy and a 13 month old daughter.

    I spank and all those parents who feel that I am abusing my children can go to h**l.

    I was abused very badly as a child. I KNOW what abuse is.

    I do not feel that disciplining my children by a swat on the butt, smacking their hand or cheek is any ones business but my own. They know the rules and most times they follow them. However, all children push the limit and if asking and then telling them to do/not to do something doesn't work, they will know that when I smack their bottom that I am serious.

    Each time I discipline my children, they have their time out and then they are held, hugged and kissed and they also receive and explanation as to what they did wrong, why it was wrong and what they should have done instead. I always use words first.

    For my 13 month old, this isn't really an issue. My son knows how to behave in restaurants and stores. There are times that we have a problem--everyone has a bad day from time to time, adults included--but we take care of it and move on.

    I would rather have someone make a comment to me because I have to discipline my children then to say something because I am ignoring the issue.

    It's all a bunch of political bs.


    Kids will act how they see others act. It's not just teenagers who do this---it starts as small kids and just keeps right on going with age.

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    I REALLY don't understand that either. I guess a lot of parents are afraid of going to jail for child abuse. But in the United States, you don't have to worry about that as much as you do in some other countries.

    I was spanked as a child, and all throughout school, I was NEVER sent to the office for being introuble. I have never thrown anything at the teacher. I have never cussed a teacher out. So many teenagers and kids I have went to school with has done that. For the simple fact that they are aware that their teachers are not allowed to spank them.

    I believe that it should be up to the parent 100 percent. But any parent that tries to throw off on other parents that they don't love their children because they spank, really gets on my nerves. If you don't want to spank your kids, that's fine. But don't force your opinions on other people.

    Some kids, spanking is all they know. While other kids, time outs and things like that get their attention more affectively. I guess it all comes down to what exactly works with your kids. but yeah. Abuse and spanking are two VERY different things. I have seen abuse. I know the difference. It should never even be compared to abuse.

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    I think some people take it too far. I mean, using wooden spoons to spank?! C'mon, that's rediculous.

    I agree that a spank, which hurts a little and won't in about a minute, is different than a hit. I also think it is wrong to spank a child when you are angry. It's hard as hell to be a parent and most of us do the best we can. there is a fine line between spanking and beating, and some @ssholes out there cross it daily. i think that's what a lot of people have a problem with.

    also, yes, some teenagers are horrible but don't generalize them. a lot of them are a hell of a lot nicer than i was in high school

  • Me
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    I can not agree with spank but I agree that teenagers are very rude.

    but I do not think spank will do any good, parents should spend more time with them and talk, most parents are too busy with life that they forget to teach their kids basic things like not being rude...

    and TV is a big part of this, now that even in car kids are watching TV instead of talking with parents...

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    First of all, I believe there are other ways of punishing childeren without spanking them. I would never spank my child. But that's a personal choice. I believe when they are small you should smack their hands when they do something wrong but that's as far as I would go.

    About teenagers. I believe teenagers act the way their parents act. If they see their parents are rude they will be the same way. If you show them respect they will show you the same respect.

    You should never talk down to any one especially a teenager because they aren't full developed mentally and it could scar them

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    I agree with you but it’s not in the spanking it is all about how you raise your child if you don't follow thru then it becomes a problem, to where you can not be in public with your child/children. I personally do not have a problem with my 4 children and they are good most of the time but on accession they need a good spanking on hitting to set them straight.

    I'll be dam if they disrespect me or any older person.

  • Kat H
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    I couldn't agree more. I have a 2 year old and she gets spanked. My mother in law works for the State of Nevada. She said it is still perfectly ok in the eyes of the law to spank as long as you do it with your hand and not a belt. I think kids are better off with the fear of spankin' in them.

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    Because some people can't tell the difference from beating your child (which should NEVER be done) and just plain spanking. They seem to think that spanking is just plain evil and shouldnt be done

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