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Is it OK when I stand up,to leave my feat turned to shape a V, or should I keep them straight( I I )?

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    Straight is best. It keeps the parts of your knees in the right places. People can be conditioned over time to feel more comfortable other ways, but this is because the muscles and ligaments have adjusted to make up for their constant use of one position. It may take a while to adjust to keeping your feet straight (I had to) but it is the proper placement.

    Just as important, if not more so, is keeping the weight towards the outside of the foot, and off of the arch. This keeps your ankles and knees in alignment, too.

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    It's however u want to stand.... but as a professional Massage Therapist. I have studied that ppl stand this way because of certain leg muscles are over tightened and they can't help it, until they resolve the muscle stiffness. It also maybe a factor of the hip joint. Some people have hurt their joints or over stretched the ligaments/tendons and they stand ackward b/c of this. But as to getting an opinon about how to stand. Statistics have reported that standing straight ahead (II) w/ knees slightly bent &, shoulder width apart....will allow you to stand longer than any other position. (numbers don't lie)

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    No, I think the guy means as if his feet are flat on the ground and they point outwards and his heels touch.

    -I keep my feet in a V; it hurts to turn them in a lot

    So I suggest whatever is comfortable

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    It doesn't matter. Whatever feels more comfortable. The V shape is more ballerina-y, though.

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    who the hell cares? do what you want to with your feet.

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