How do I judge the value of a painting?

I want to sell a painting on Ebay. The back of it says $39.00 and the artist goes by p white. I know my parents bought it almost 10 years ago.

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    Do some research on the artist and see if he/she is famous or not or if they're "in fashion" now. Sometimes the artist isn't famous but their style is the vogue.

    Check e-bay and such for other works by artist.

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    Do research on the artist. If the artist is well renowned you might consider having the work appraised before putting it up for auction on eBay. When/if you do elect to put the painting up for auction be sure to include several photos of the work both near and far as well as the back. I would also recommend you watch the eBay bidding for paintings and not list until you see a lot of activity in that area. If you have the painting appraised be sure to include that info in the auction as well as advise the appraisal documents will be included.

    Good Luck to you!

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    The pricing of a painting depends from artist to artist... but the medium of the painting is very important in judging the price.

    When you want to judge a artist's work..., go on to the net or art gallery and get his previous work & their costings....

    Take the graph of his costings of his paitnings.. over the years... Then, on his latest work, measure the size of the painting and thn calculate cost per sq. feet / sq. inch.



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    A good painting will burn very fast when compared to a lesser quality painting due to the quaility of the paints used.

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