should there be a death penalty?

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    I don't believe there should be one; God did not hand over his judgement to the human, he is the only the one qualified to judge anyone not we human beings, so in my opinion; such person should be left to reap the work of their dirty hands with conscience and God.

    Source(s): Firm believer in the bible
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    Depends on what crime. I'm split on the issue, so here's the PRO on the issue:

    Capital punishment should be only be used for the most violent crimes, such as any type of murder. Firstly, it allows others to see what will happen to people that have committed horrible crimes. Secondly, the death penalty provides justice. People must get what they deserve. If someone works hard, they should be rewarded, while those who are evil must be punished or else, there would be chaos in the world. In addition, a murderer that deliberately took away the life of another man or woman is a danger to the community. Even if the person was imprisoned, he or she still has a chance of escape. Next, only serious crimes should be punished by death. While many actions can be wrong, most of them are reversible. Of the many, killing itself is irrevocable. Once someone is dead, they are dead forever. However, less severe felonies such as stealing can be changed. Objects and money can be returned back to the owner. There are several useful and workable plans to improve and ensure the fairness of the death penalty. To begin with, murder should be the only capital offense. Also, to avoid errors, adequate lawyers must always be found if an accused person cannot afford one. Sentences should be postponed until judges and juries are absolutely sure that the accused is guilty. In the meantime, house arrest would be appropriate. Thirdly, convicted people should have a right to choose their method of execution. Finally, the accused should be given multiple trials with different judges and juries to ensure fairness. With these new plans, the United States’s use of capital punishment can be made better. It is vital to our nation and its people that we execute those who commit the most brutal of crimes, but only those that fully deserve it. Not having the death penalty is like letting a pack of lions run free in a city.

    However, this is from my debate and the CON from last year:

    Intro: Capital Punishment is not efficient and good, and there are better punishments. The death penalty should be removed from the present day system.

    Proposition: That the death penalty should be abolished because it violates the constitution and is cruel and unfair.

    Define Terms: Death Row is prison while awaiting execution

    Capital Punishment is the same as death penalty

    Capital Crimes/Offenses are crimes that can receive the death penalty

    Explain Why Change is Needed: The current system does not function smoothly because there’s no decrease in crime. Still several murders, plus executions are expensive and costly. Not good to economy or people.

    Explain Why the Problem is Significant to the World: Crime is a big problem everywhere, capital punishment is irrevocable, some want it, others don’t, and we must have it solved.

    Argument 1: Errors are made: 102 people exonerated since death penalty reinstated, Anthony Porter spent sixteen years on death row, within 48 hrs of execution, exonerated cause students reinvesting crime questioned someone till they confessed, Adam Gell spent four years on death row, can be due to adequate lawyers, court appoints one if accused can’t afford, sometimes lawyers not trained for these types of cases

    Argument 2: Alternatives available: life imprisonment w/o parole, just as effective can last till prisoner dies, average is: 83 months jail plus 43 months probation. Plus, in US, some are longer than life expectancy, average sentence length increasing

    Present Plan/Solution: abolish cap. Punishment, allow life imprisonment w/o parole, less cruel, costs less money, safer for society.


    Note: The cost for lethal injection execution is a few million dollars. The cost for life imprisonment is less than one million dollars.

    Source(s): My research report and debate from last year.
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    Jesus was quite specific about this.

    John 8:7 - Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    The death penalty is immoral for a wide variety of reasons, the main being that it takes the power of life and death out of God's hands and puts it into man's.

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    Absolutely. If not these scumbags who are sick enough to take another's life will easily get along with others in prison, so how is that suffering enough?

    In many states, such as Calif. sentencing means you still have about 10 years in isolation because so many years of appeals are allowed. You eat better on death row than prison; you still get letters from sickos that feel sorry for you; some from women that even want to marry them (or vice versa for the few women on death row).

    They certainly get more publicity and probably enjoy the stories done on Criminal Intent or the like. The families of the murdered folks suffer more during this time than the murderers themselves. So when the times comes for them to finally pay the price...they deserve it!!

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    I have always been torn on this issue.

    1. It is a way out for the person.

    2. Is it actually severe enough punishment?

    3. What alternatives could we introduce?

    4. Is is possible to forgive and get something positive from this if they are left to live?

    Personally I don't cheer anyone being put to death, and I think a life of them suffering in a prison is an ample punishment.

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    No, I believe killing is never okay, if it be from an individual, a group, or the state. You can't support one kind of killing and not another. Also, many people don't differentiate between justice and revenge.

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    Yes...The problem is making sure that you do not put an innocent to death. They have gotten better about that now...But I am willing to bet that there were some people put to death that were not guilty.

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    Yes there should be. A life for a life thats what i say. You kill, you get caught, you should die. Also this will discourge people from killing, which is good. Also saves on taxes. Who wouldnt want that.

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    I think so && i dont think they should have to wait so long before they are executed. they sit on death row, well damn near forever while we are paying for it.

  • Yes.

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