I keep hearing how the only difference between Judaism and Christianity is Jesus. What exactly is similar?

Heaven -Different

Hell -Different

Original Sin -Different

Satan -Different

Trinity -Different

Judgment -Different

Messiah -Different

Covenant -Different

I can easily keep going, so besides the fact that your Old Testament is a Christian translation of the Tanakah, what do we share in common?

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    "The blood sacrifice to pay the penalty of sin

    The notion that no one is right before God

    The notion of faith being counted as righteousness

    The holiness of God

    The conviction of the Law to show how far short of perfection we are"

    when do jews say that blood sacrifices are need to pay the penalty of sin? the only people who ever say that are christians

    when do jews say that nobody is right before G-d? thats all christian, due to the fact that original sin is entirely christian

    faith being counted as righteousness, sure, i'll accept that, but judaism doesn't stress it nearly to the degree that christianity does

    holiness of G-d? thats just desperate

    the Law shows us how short of perfection we are? thats probably the most christian thing you could say. you forgot to add the second part of that sentence, "which is why we need somebody to die and forgive our sins, aka jesus". yeah, jews don't believe the Law shows us anything except how to live a G-dly life.

    christians like to babble about how we should all accept jesus, there is nothing to it, but really there is a LOT to it. that would mean that we'd all of a sudden have to start believe that humanity is inherently bad, that there's nothing we can do about it, that we should accept that our sins killed another innocent person and be grateful for it, and that we should all constantly have to think about how crappy and imperfect we are. no thanks, though. i'm an optimist, not a pessimist.

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    4 years ago

    Judaism change into set up with the aid of God with all forms of guidelines and sacrifices that would want to carry an excellent righteousness to Israel and change right into a shadow of what change into to come back in Christ. even if, Israel under no circumstances grew to change into or stayed righteous before God and God finally destroyed it with the aid of Babylon in 586BC, yet kept a small remnant of the Jews because of the promise God had with Abraham. Then, after Christ got here and died and change into resurrected, God destroyed Jerusalem and Judaism with finality in 70AD, no longer leaving one stone on proper of yet another. Judaism change right into a nationwide faith that further about the Savior of the international and a international faith of Christ following or Christianity.

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    If you look at it from a dispinsationalist viewpoint, then yes, you will say that they are very different. However, if you look at the Bible as a unified whole, then the similarities pop out. Especailly if you remember that in the early church, the only Scripture they had was the Torah.

    Similarities would include the following:

    The blood sacrifice to pay the penalty of sin

    The notion that no one is right before God

    The notion of faith being counted as righteousness

    The holiness of God

    The conviction of the Law to show how far short of perfection we are

    Also, I would disagree with you concerning several of your examples of differences. For example, the Messiah of the Jews was very clearly laid out and is the same in both. The link below is a partial list of prophetic scripture, with the corresponding Rabbinical writing and fulfillment by Jesus. Please read and email me if you have questions.

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    1 decade ago

    The same God of Abraham for one. The basic difference is that Christians believe that Christ was the fufillment of prophecy of the prophets and Jews do not, and reject him and his teachings on that basis.

    The differences you point out are in debate even amoung sects of Christianity and that of Jews. One cannot think of Christians as one single cohesive group, such collective thinking only results in confusion and spurious logic.

    As for "Translation" being "Our" Christian...There are dozens of "Translations" of the Bible many of which are self-serving clap-trap and to the scholar, useless.

    Transliteration/Translation from the original texts, from the original Hebrew, Greek, and Chaldee by qualified persons without personal agendas are what is accepted by Bible scholars.

    Years of study are required and drawing conclusions without knowledge is the height of folly.

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    If you don't share the idea of a peaceful society and treating all humankind with respect and love, then who cares what the differences are and who needs either one?

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    dont for get the meaning of life

    the purpose of man

    the Messianic age

    relationship with non-members

    and a few more

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    They are both wrong! That is what is similar--neith religions believe that the FSM (me) is the onle true lord!! repent ye heretic!


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    I don't think so.

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