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what tips do u use to help become anorexic and not to eat?

like what do u eat every day just water or do u chew gum to help the craves what!?

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    Stick your figers down your throat every time you eat to purge.


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    I hope you also realize that people say 'anorexic' as an exageration. When a model is really thin, people might say 'she looks anorexic'. In fact, she may be very underweight and have an unhealthy diet that consists primarily of diet coke, coke and soda crackers, but few models are actually anorexic. Anorexic's look like hell, they have saggy skin, hollow eyes, hair falls out, they get body fur.

    Anorexism is not really about being thin. Most anorexic's feel out of control in their lives, and derive pleasure from precisely controlling their diets. This boosts their self-worth.

    You can't 'become' anorexic by choice any more then I could choose to be a compulsive workaholic.

    You could work on having a great body, but water and gum isn't the path to that. Eat balanced, healthy food and exercise.

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    Keep yourself away from food, atleast if you are young enough and do not have a car. I don't take any money with me to school so I do not buy anything to eat and immediately after school I am taken to the library until 8:00 and I can't eat there either.

    I drink atleast 200 ounces of water a day. I know that sounds insane, but drink atleast 10% of your body weight in ounces of water a day. and for every serving of food you eat drink 2 cups of water. Chew every bite atleast 15 times.

    120 pounds=120 ounces, for example

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    Why on earth would you want to be anorexic?? That is horrible! You can die from that, it's a disease- and it takes over you....Just eat in moderation- that is the key to losing weight....just cut half of what you normally eat. BUT EAT!!!

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    Do the Zone diet and strength train at the gym with weights.

    If you do those 2 things, you will have a SLAMMIN body, very low body fat, and you will be like, F*** anorexia...

    Be smart and do it the right way!!!

    I know what I'm talking about here...

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    take it from some1 who knows... eating disorders r not fun.. and u dont "become" anorexic its a mental disease do some research and ull find out the hell that it will cause 2 ur body. im bulimic and after 2 yrs im already dealing w/ alot of s**t bcus of this eating disorder

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    1.Why would you want to BECOME anorexic, it is an ugly disease, ya it makes you skinny and beautiful in the eyes of fashion and public, but still....i don't see why anyone would really want to become anorxic, nothing about it is fun, looking at yourself EVERYDAY thinking your gross, and disgusting. sure it starts of as an easy diet plan, but you get pulled in more and more everyday.

    2. I know anorexic's they are my life lines, my friends, and even i've had problems like this, knowing you want to BECOME anorexic they'd prolly get upset i bet everyone of them would say it's a bad and that you shouldn't do it, and , why would ANYONE want to become anorexic, it's not so fun, trust me

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    Anorexia is an often fatal disorder, such a question indicates you have great need of counselling. Suggest you seek out a therapist expert in treatment of eating disorders.

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    Um I just chew gum, and drink ice cold water because your body uses calaries to keep its self warm. also drink green tea it supresses your appetite.

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    uuuuummm...don't become you want to look like a skeleton? if so, just cut your skin off...that is probaby easier and healthier than not eating!!!!!!!

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