How can I make a power point presentation On Angels That are 10 slides?

My teacher wants us make up a power presentation on anything we want for our finials grade. I want to do it about Angels. It has to be 10 slides so what should put in and where should I start?

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    I guess it depends on what aspect of Angels you want to focus on. You could interview friends, family, etc about what their ideas or view on Angels are and put that in your presentation. Maybe you can do a presentation on those who believe in Angels and why versus those that don't believe in them and why not. Get photos from websites of Angels to insert.

    You could also do some sort of project about "Angels and Society" which ties into the idea I mentioned above, but get info from books as well as people's interviews. That way you can give a broad spectrum on Angels.

    Good luck! =)

  • Jon W
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    1 decade ago

    I don't know.

    This is the photography forum, and I just I haven't seen any angels to photograph lately...



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  • Anonymous
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    I would suggest a presentation on real life angels...people who devote their lives to help others, inconspicuously behind the scenes. Look around you. You'll find them in your school, workplace, neighborhood, church or anywhere.

    First identify them and then have your digital camera ready to shoot. Try to tell a story through your pictures rather than putting several unconnected pictures together. That would make a deep impact on the audience. Good Luck!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Start at the beginning -


    Put angels in it

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