Do Jewish people receive presents for Hanukkah like Christains to do for X-mas?

I have a male friend of mine whom I have recently befriended :þ and well the holidays are coming up and he's Jewish and I know pretty much NOTHING about Hanukkah. Sadly, everything I know about the Jewish faith I have learned from South Park and Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song HA HA HA....

Since I want to ya know... impress him a bit and all that jazz I want to do SOMETHING for him and I figured I would buy him something i donno if they do the whole present thing... or if there is special rules to gift giving or what not. I am so afraid of making a mistake!!... but I really, really want to do something for him that's special ^.^...... any Jewish friendly ideas?

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    Yes we recieve gifts for Chanukkah...but not every single day. Chanukkah is not a major Jewish Holiday...but it still is fun. Well as far as presentation don't give him something wrapped in X-mas wrapping choose something in White or Silver or if you are getting it gifted wrapped ask them if they have Chanukkah wrappings =).

    You can get your friend any kind of gift you think he might like but I would highly recommend giving him some "gelt" chocolate coins you can find these at any grocery store oh don't get him the cheap chocolate (it tastes like chalk) the "gelt" should be in little bags...around a couple of bucks. The best brand for "gelt is Elite Chocolate this is the best stuff!!!! Also a dredel would be cool can get one from Hallmark or something.

    Just remember it's the thought that counts!!! Oh give the gift in the first couple of days....either the 1st or 2nd or 3rd day is good. =)

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I happen to be Jewish =)
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    I am a teacher at a Jewish school, and everyone exchanges gifts just like a public school.. we even do that gift game where everyone brings one present and u pick numbers.

    My husband and I used to give eachother a gift everyday for the week but now we tend to open all our gifts on the last night when the menorah has all it's candels and it looks so pretty.

    Most of the kids I teach get one gift every night... same kind of gifts christian children get for Christmas (video games, dolls, etc..) Your gift does not have to be "Jewish".

    It's hard to find hanukah wrapping paper where I live but I always buy the silver and white or blue snowflake papers they have.

    Source(s): Israeli, New Yorker and Tennessean... same traditions wherever I've lived. One Love.
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    Give him a small gift on the first day. Jewish people usually get 1 gift a day everyday of the seven days of Hanukkah

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