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personal websites?

what is the best site to build a personal website?

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    you could also try

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    Yahoo geocities is... that's unfastened, basic to apply & would not require others to have something yet a working laptop or laptop & cyber web connection to view. All that Myspace, 360, & different crap basically lets you perform a little issues & demands others could have it to view yours. Many won't choose it so won't have the means to view yours, so decide on yahoo for a real internet site.

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    Yahoo geocities is... It is free, easy to use & does not require others to have anything but a pc & internet connection to view.

    All that Myspace, 360, & other crap only allows you to do some

    things & requires others must have it to view yours. Many will not want it so will not be able to view yours, so go with yahoo for a true website.

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    To answer that question I will need more detail... but if you are just looking to create a website go to and follow the on screen instructions... they even give you free space.

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    Dot Easy

    Free site builder.


    Free FTP to upload pages.


    Free HTML tutorials.

    Step by step tutorials.

  • 1 decade ago is good if you haven't made a site before and have little or no experience, a basic site really.

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    Go with WordPress ( and simple no-frills hosting account from GoDaddy (

    Total Start-up cost:

    WordPress - Free

    GoDaddy Domain Name - 1.99/yr

    GoDaddy Hosting - 3.99/mo

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    if u goto this will make a website for you.

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