we are in drought,nearly no water ,is water to be used to put out the last fire?

we have reached the stage where man must fight fire with fire,

putting our scarce fresh water resource into the 70 fires burning in victoria seems a bit absurd

this dry continent learned over 100,000 years ago to put fires out is as simple as using up the fuel in the fires path ,

seems so simple ,but those simple people we wanted thier lands, so we poisiend thier water holes ,gave them sick food to make them sick ,put thier parents in prison camps ,reeducated thier children into white fella think ing ,now how do you put out the fires in a drought?

when you allready killed of the native fire fighters,

is it a bitter harvest or we getting the fruits of fair return

stolen lands are cursed ,

giving water away to huge multinationals for mono cropping seemed such a good return ,getting big or get out seemed to be the way , not catching the water from your own lands seemed a good way to fill the rivers to save the water in one huge damm ,

serving the big master

you forget the land?


first respondant

the question is

is water to be used to put out the last fire?

that is the question



follows is just making the case

are we to keep wasting water on wild fires

we are in a drought

to fight fire you starve it of feul or oxigen

the water starvs the heat ,lowers the burn tempreture ,below where the transformation of fuel into energy is hot enough to change its state

we ask questions to get the thoughts of opthers to add to the understanding

no one person can have all the answers

rebut what i say ,agree with points disagree ,but thats what is your answer to my question

this question lies fallen and abandoned

ubnanswered ,thus unanswerable to an inconveniant truth made in to questioning

Update 2:

look we still allow people to ssssh-it in the water

some one

some time must drink

in tribvbal sociaty some caught deficating even near a water source was exiled

beyond question

take a savage

tell wem to dc-rap into the water they go nuts

uncivilised begers why dont the civilize craop in the darn stuff

you savages are all the same

whi the savage

this water recycling it gona remove all the bacteria

and poise

what about rickies cocane ,aunt matilda's heat medicine

the terrorist with a bit of radioactive

arap to just flush it down the toilet

into ioour drinking water

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    Seems like you answered your own question.

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