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Critical Thinking question....?

I am not sure what to believe as far the three categories of child-parent attachment. My children definitely fall into the secure attachment group, but it is toward both my wife and I. I have 3 and 5 year old, I am extremely involved in there lives and extremely affectionate, due to how I was raised. I hate that it is always assumed that this is the mothers place; I don’t think there should be any distinction. My children come to me and my wife rather for a simple hug or a cup of juice. You sometimes see kids that are attached to there mother and throw a fit when they are not with them; that would break my heart as a father. The lecture just made me thinks about my children and how important it is that I continue to do my all to raise them. My children mean everything to me, so anytime I read something that makes me reflect on parenthood it is a positive.

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    I too practice attachment Parenting. Heck i didnt even know it was called that until I had my 2nd child since attachement parenting is really a form of my culture. I wore my children in a Rebozo, breastfed until they self eaned. Co slept until they self weaned as well. But I am interested as you say now there is 3 categories? I think its great that you also practice it so many men arent open to it I know my Fiancee isnt so I do my style and he does his.

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    If I had to answer this, I'd have to say the answer was 98.

    That is, if the underlying question is "What percentage of Answers members think this is not a question?"

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